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Dec 16, 2008 06:05 AM

1950's theme party ideas

I have a work party tomorrow afternoon, and the theme was just given to me this morning. (Gee, thanks!) The theme is 1950's.

There are only 5 of us participating, so my contribution has to coordinate with what's already being brought. And it has to be fairly basic (i.e. no herring) to appease the limited palates I am working with. So far, the list is:

- tater tot hotdish
- deviled eggs
- chex mix
- grasshoppers / pink squirrels

I don't want to cop out by bringing a pickle/olive tray. My only ideas so far are to do a jello mold with canned fruit inside, or else maybe a cheese ball. I'm a product of the 80's, so my knowledge of the 50's is not exactly very deep.

If you have any great ideas, please pass them along!

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  1. pigs in a blanket, of course

    1. I highly suggest the Gallery of Regrettable Food for all kinds of 1950s cuisine inspiration...

      1. So far as I remember, rumaki was the consumate 50s party/cocktail food.

        Can't vouch for the recipe -- I haven't tried it and was too young in the 50s to attend any of the sophisticated "parent" parties where they were ubiquitous. But I thought I'd supply some info about the concept.

          1. We had a brilliant 50s party a few years ago. The main was a chicken "curry" that used to show up at parents' swanky dinner parties - you know, not spicy at all, quite sweet, with little dishes of raisins and coconut and nuts etc. Rice and peas, of course. For hors d'oeuvres, we featured my grandmother's famous liverwurst pineapple - which is a liverwurst paty molded into a pineapple, and then frosted with a mix of mayo and gelatin, and then you put slices of green olives with pimentos in the diamonds on the side of the pineapple. You buy a whole pineapple (real) and just use the top for the liverwurst one. It was brilliant. Dessert was baked alaska. An astonishingly good meal, and dubbed authentic by all of our highly amused mothers (who actually entertained in the 50s!).