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Dec 16, 2008 05:41 AM

Downtown Jacksonville Restaurant Recommendations?


My parents live in Jacksonville, and my siblings and I are going to get them some concert tickets for Christmas and would like to get them a gift certificate for a fairly nice dinner as well. Since the concert will be downtown, we figure it would be most convenient to find a restaurant for them around the downtown area as well (or Riverside, Avondale, San Marco, etc.). As for taste, they are not too brave in trying new things and an Italian restaurant, Steak house, etc. type of place would probably be most fitting (vs. say Indian food, Thai, etc.). We are also thinking around $100 for a two-person meal.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I know Ruth's Chris is downtown, but would like to try something besides that location if possible!


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  1. Bistro Aix in San Marco is always a great palce for dinner. And it is less than 2 miles from the Times-Union Center. The food is delicious and very approachable. My wife always gose for the Creamy French Onion soup and Shrimp Tagliatelli, I am partial to the Smoked Tomato soup and whatever looks good on the entree list. I have had nearly everything they offer and NEVER been dissappointed.

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      I will look into that one! Thanks!

    2. Also check out Chew Restaurant and La Cena downtown. Both are about 3 blocks from the Times Union Center.