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Turducken in Charlotte

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I'm looking for a turducken to have on Christmas day. Does anyone know of a source in Charlotte...Fresh Market, Trader Joe's? Do any of the cajun restaurants sell them for take out?


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  1. Have you tried Harris Teeter? I got one there a few years ago..they should still carry them for the holidays.

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    1. re: Hapy

      Thanks! Picked one up at HT today.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        Let us know how you liked it...

        1. re: Hapy

          Will do...

          1. re: Hapy

            I'm reporting back on the turducken...it was fantastic! Very moist, well spiced, delicious, easy to thaw and cook. I got the smaller one...a boneless turkey breast, boneless duck breast and boneless chicken breast with a pork stuffing. It comes from Cajun Specialty Meats, and I highly recommend it.

      2. I noticed that Fresh Market on Providence had some on display 2 weeks ago.