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Dec 16, 2008 04:02 AM

Franklin Park brunch/lunch

My husband and I are coming to Chicago for Christmas. We are taking an 85 year old relative out to lunch on Christmas Eve. Is there anything decent and proximate to Franklin Park, where she lives? We'd love it to be less than a 15 minute drive and tasty. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Franklin Park is only about 15 minutes away from O'Hare and there are a number of restaurants (including hotel restaurants) close to O'Hare. If you give us more guidance as to price and cuisine, we may be able to help you further.

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      Price -- no more than 15 dollars an entree, and cuisine -- maybe "New American" ish? I don't think my great aunt is terribly adventurous, and we are Brooklyn-based foodies so are looking for something a few notches above bland pancakes. Thanks!

    2. Wow this is a hard one because there are like over 2000 restaurants near the airport. But I personally love Baker's Square which is nice for families. They are reasonably priced and have everything to fabulous soup and cornbread, to awesome pies and desserts!

      1. In the other direction, away from the airport, you might try Jim & Pete's in Elmwood Park.

        I have not eaten there but it gets decent reviews on this Board and the price range should be about right. It's Italian, not "New American." The neighborhoods immediately near Franklin Park are older, blue collar communities, so "New American" is not particularly prevalent. There may be "New American" restaurants at some of the pricier hotels that are near O'Hare, but they may be a bit outside your price range.