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Pacific Dining Car?

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Thinking of going here with a group of 8 this weekend...looking over the review/s at citysearch I suddenly got concerned about prices. Is it very, very expensive or similar to all the other steakhouses, ie. Ruth's Chris, Arnie Morton? We want simple, straighforward food in a good room somewhere in Hollywood or downtown....is Musso & Frank a good option?

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    1. I personally think Musso's is very overrated, though they make some of the best martini's in town.

      Recently visited Engine Company #28 downtown, and was very pleased with the food/service. Good, straightforward stuff in a very cool room (as titled, it is converted from a very old fire house). Menu has, but not limited to, steaks.

      644 Figueroa Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90017

      1. Pacific Dining Car is quite expensive for lunch and dinner (on a par with any of the other top-top steak places); but for breakfast, or late night, the prices are more reasonable, and the food's very good. You didn't mention when your Group of Eight is getting together, but PDC is a great option for brunch or for a post-theatre late meal.

        1. What about Pete's cafe? I haven't been there but have heard good things. Can anyone weigh in on this?

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            Cool space, reminds me of places in NYC. I have only tried their Hellman Burger which is very tasty.

          2. I'd recommend Taylor's on 8th Street. Some quibbling here lately about it going downhill, but I like it, it's decent and it's a LOT cheaper than PDC or any of the other top-end steak places. They can accomodate a group of eight easily (although you might want to make a reservation just in case). Excellent atmosphere too.

            1. PDC is good but, yes, it is very expensive. It does have wonderful breakfast, though.

              As for Taylor's, I know there have been some quibbles, but I was there Monday night and had my usual wonderful experience. My friend loved his porterhouse and I loved my Filet. The Molly Salad was as terrific as always and they cook my cottage fries to a crisp just like I like them. They are also reasonable; I don't know anywhere else I could get a bottle of '99 Jordan Cab for under 60 dollars.

              I also like Musso's very much. But if you want a good time and want it to be reasonable, Taylor's is the answer.

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                I totally prefer Taylors over PDC any day of the week. PDC is out dated and triyng to revive with the younger crowd moving into downtown . If I was dining I would pass on PDC and run to Taylors and to boot pocket almost half of what I would pay at PDC for a BETTER meal..

              2. I usually stop their after a Laker or Kings game. It's a great late night dinner in downtown.

                In my opinion, Pacific Dining Car charges a premium for their availability ie being open 24/7 at their DT location and until like 2am at their SM. They seem to charge about $2-4 more for steaks and salads than some of the other places. Prices for sides are on par with their cometitors. I usually spend about 65 on myself when I'm out with the guys including tax and tip without alcohol.

                Their food, especially their steaks aren't on the same level as Ruth's Chris or Mortons, if your going to dine downtown during normal dinner hours, 6:00-9:00, try Morton's or the Palm. Pacific Dining Car is very average, but they're open past midnight and it's a hell of alot better than the Pantry.

                  1. Steaks are good at pdc in la and santa monica,for the price and service i prefer the palm in west hollywood, because la location is close to my office often i eat at pdc la at the bar section by myself, service could be slow if busy especially when night bartender is working who's old enough to be my great great grandfather other than that pdc offers a good meal.

                    1. i think the vibe at Musso & Frank's is so classic and cool. GREAT martini's, definitely the best in town i think.. food is decent, but its the vibe that i dig the most. Its like stepping back in time.

                      1. Love it! Always have. Never actually paid MYSELF... With that being said its a classic menu, a great wine list, never a service or food issue - never. It is also an "LA Classic" that should be experienced once.

                        1. If you are really solely interested in the food you can always do Arnie Morton's. If you want to pay a little bit more and take a step back into Los Angeles History then you go to the PDC. Be sure to go to the bar area and look at all the historical pictures of Los Angeles. Be sure to see the "Gone Fishing sign they used to hang on the outside of the restaurant in August when I was a kid and they closed for the month. When you walk through the railroad part of the restaurant think of the fact that the car is till on wheels. As for the food, when they are on they are unbeatable. When they are off they are still good but expensive. By the way the appetizer crab cakes are to die for.

                          1. They're more expensive than some of the other steakhouses but you're paying for the great atmosphere. Steaks are okay. You can find better at Ruth's or Morton's (or even Cut I hear) for less money. That said, the creamed corn at PDC is the best I've ever had and that includes the kind from my mother. YUMMMY!