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Jan 21, 2004 12:38 PM

Pacific Dining Car?

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Thinking of going here with a group of 8 this weekend...looking over the review/s at citysearch I suddenly got concerned about prices. Is it very, very expensive or similar to all the other steakhouses, ie. Ruth's Chris, Arnie Morton? We want simple, straighforward food in a good room somewhere in Hollywood or Musso & Frank a good option?

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    1. I personally think Musso's is very overrated, though they make some of the best martini's in town.

      Recently visited Engine Company #28 downtown, and was very pleased with the food/service. Good, straightforward stuff in a very cool room (as titled, it is converted from a very old fire house). Menu has, but not limited to, steaks.

      644 Figueroa Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90017

      1. Pacific Dining Car is quite expensive for lunch and dinner (on a par with any of the other top-top steak places); but for breakfast, or late night, the prices are more reasonable, and the food's very good. You didn't mention when your Group of Eight is getting together, but PDC is a great option for brunch or for a post-theatre late meal.

        1. What about Pete's cafe? I haven't been there but have heard good things. Can anyone weigh in on this?

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            Cool space, reminds me of places in NYC. I have only tried their Hellman Burger which is very tasty.

          2. I'd recommend Taylor's on 8th Street. Some quibbling here lately about it going downhill, but I like it, it's decent and it's a LOT cheaper than PDC or any of the other top-end steak places. They can accomodate a group of eight easily (although you might want to make a reservation just in case). Excellent atmosphere too.