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Dec 16, 2008 03:07 AM

Breakfast on the run....Long Wharf

Anyplace near the Marriott Long Wharf for a breakfast on the run? You know, a quickie diner...or even a dunkin donuts for an egg sandwich? Just need a walking distance place for one morning. Thanks!

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  1. The Sel de la Terre takeout bakery.

    1. Anthony's Cafe at 252 Commercial St offers full breakfast..eggs, etc. less than 5 min walk.

      1. There's still a Brigham's on High Street, between Congress and Pearl, that serves diner-style breakfasts midweek.

        1. just returned from staying there over the weekend -if you want to stay with the chains - starbucks is right in the lobby of the hotel - dunkin donuts is i think 2 blocks down on the same side of the street going towards the train station - some dunkins make the flatbread sandwiches, some don't, i don't know about this one

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            A second vote for Anthony's. We ate there last Sunday, crowded with a wait but the service is so fast that we hardly realized that we had waited. By the time we decided what to order, it was our turn. Great egg sandwiches.

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              Thanks, 9lives and Greenstate! Sounds like just what I'm looking for. So, walking out of the Long Wharf Marriott...which way do I go??? Up State and throw a left??

              1. re: shopgirl

                You can cut across the park by Tia's(in the Marriot building) and head towards Joe's American Bar and Grill. Keep walking in that direction until you get to the Starbucks. It is directly across the street , in a small pink (yes pink) building.

                1. re: greenstate

                  Be sure to walk out of the back of the hotel; past the Starbux. in the lobby..not the front door.