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Dec 15, 2008 09:51 PM

Gialina Pizzeria, SF report w/ pics

First time at Gialina Pizzeria. It's close to Glen Park Bart station which was great since the shuttle dropped us of at Glen Park Bart station & we could walk here.

Their signage is bad from the street at night. It's a tiny sign on the window lower left, they are next to Sol Gym. Cross street is: Kern.

We tried these things:

Roasted squash appetizer $8 - I thought it was just ok, 3 roasted squash, some beans, some cheese on top. Not something I'd pick normally, friend wanted a squash pizza but I killed that idea so I compromised.

The 2 tables next to use both got salads for an appetizer so I'd pick that instead since both salads looked Good.

Atomica- tomato, mushrooms, mozzarella, spicy chilies & red onions $15. I liked the thin crust pizza. Not enough toppings for me and the pizza was kinda droopy when I lifted it up to eat it. There's 6 slices total - so go with a small eater or get 2 pizzas! Parmesan cheese in a tiny container & red chili peppers on the side too. I recommend to ask for more of both!

Desserts we didn't get were priced from .50 - $9.

One unisex bathroom in the back. Longish walk once inside to a toilet & the smallest the kind you see in airplanes.

Our total $23 + $1.96 tax = $24.96 before tip. Four tiny pieces of Italian candy given with the bill. Credit cards taken.

Next time to try:
Soft Buckwheat Polenta w/ sauteed rapini greens $ spicy chilies $7.75
Wild Nettles w/ pancetta, red onions & aged Italian provolone $15
Potato w/ applewood smoked bacon, roasted onions, sage & gorgonzola $15

**Gialina will be closed Wed. December 24th and will reopen Sat. January 3rd at 5pm**


My pics:

2842 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

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  1. Used to be more of a fan of this place, but they're getting sloppy.

    The squash pizza is usually really excellent. For dessert, the granitas are refreshing (never had the dessert pizza) but don't bother with the boring cookies.

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      Agree with the sloppiness. You can still have a good (even great) meal here but the chances seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer.

    2. Good to see they don't fist patrons with their espresso pricing...$1.50 is what an espresso should cost.

      1. The original comment has been removed
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          2842 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

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            we had the most amazing meal here tonight. Excellent service, excellent food. The polenta starter was rich but the portion kept it from ruining our appetite. Amatriciana pizza was perfect, but the dessert took my breath away: organic ricotta with fresh strawberries, honey and almonds and pistachios. Enjoyed it with a glass of Vin Santo. WOW. Best visit yet.