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Jan 21, 2004 10:44 AM

Where to Purchase grain alcohol in LA?

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I want to experiment a bit more with making homemade liquors and find that using vodka has a tendency of adding a bit too much water to my recipies. Does anyone know if/where you can get grain alcohol in LA?



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  1. I saw Everclear (200 proof pure grain alcohol) on sale at Rod's Liquor on El Toro road just east of the 5 freeway in Lake Forest. Not exactly LA but it's the first time I've seen it in California.

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    1. re: Willow

      I think there's a place (I'm blanking) near the Marina and Playa del Rey that has tons of interesting liquor at a discount. And I think they also sell grain alcohol. This may be enough for someone else to help.

      1. re: Jerome

        Do you know the name of the place where they sell it

      2. re: Willow

        I think what ythe guy wants is Everclear. I have seen it for sale at Red carpet Liquors here in Glendale, and it sems to me it should be available lots of places.

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        Professor Salt

        I bought some at the Irvine Beverages & More. I imagine the other BevMos carry it too.

        1. I saw some 100 proof alcohol a few weeks ago at Jons in Hollywood -- curiously, it was not made from grain but from sugar cane, but it will work for making liqueurs just the same, I assume.

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          1. re: AndieCat

            100 proof is only 50 percent alcohol. Grain alcohol should be 190 proof (95%) or better.

            Unfortunately anything over 151 proof is illegal in California. You can get 151 Everclear at BevMo, but it's overpriced, and It's not what I would consider real grain alcohol.

            1. re: Toddodd

              please educate me.
              why is the bevmo product not real grain alcohol?
              is it because of the proof (too low)?
              or is is because of the manufacturing process?

              i would like to learn about this.

              1. re: westsidegal

                Because of proof. I'm originally from Pennsylvania where we have the full-strength version, so I was shocked to see Everclear that wasn't 190 proof. This 151 stuff should be called "grain alcohol & water" instead of just "grain alcohol".

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Everclear (the most popular brand of grain alcohol) is normally 190 proof (95% alcohol). In states where the sale of high-proof alcohol is restricted (like California), they make a 151 proof (75.5% alcohol) version. It's clearly marked on the bottle.

                  The original post is from nearly eight years ago but if anyone is looking for 190-proof grain alcohol, you will have to go to Vegas—or at least Stateline.

                  I don't mind 151-proof Everclear (and yes, overpriced at BevMo, I shop local stores instead) for making my limoncello, vanilla extract, etc. It just requires some funky math to bring the levels back to something drinkable (i.e., adding water).

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    Terminological confusion here; "grain alcohol" was and is often used to mean ethanol, from any source, to distinguish it from "wood alcohol", which means methanol, and which is very poisonous...

              2. Nothing over 151 proof is legal in CA. That said, you may find an interesting import or two at Alpine Village, of all places.

                1. BevMo carries Everclear. You may need to ask them to pull it out for you but they've got it and there should be a location not terribly far from you wherever you are in LA.

                  Whatcha makin'? I use it for limoncello and nocino.

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                  1. re: rainey

                    Bear in mind (see above) that California only permits the sale of 151-proof Everclear, not the 190-proof version so near and dear to frat boys (not that I would have ANY idea about that, cough cough).

                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Ah yes, there was nothing like being a pledge in my house at Berkeley and having to make a liquor run to Ben's Liquor Store in Reno to get a months supply of Everclear.