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Dec 15, 2008 09:08 PM

Ici for a wedding? Any experiences?

So, the just (justin) to my paula (see my name, you know!), has finally come to his senses after four years of dealing with me (and I haven't been easy!). And now I find myself an engaged woman. I have no interest in the whole wedding thing. We are planning a late May wedding for 40-50 people. I have interest in Ici. I really thought I wanted a city hall wedding with a din after, but I must admit, the anti-bride I am, that there is something allruing about the fact that I can actually have a ceremony at Ici and still keep it small. And, well, a prioirity is good food. Anyone have wedding or private party experience there?

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  1. I had my rehearsal dinner there two years ago. It was great and the owners were very helpful. You should just go talk to them. As I recall we had the option of just the ground floor or also the upper floor too, which could work for an event and then a dinner space. Or you could do the ceremony in the garden. It's a very cozy space but it won't hold more than about 40 people for dinner in the ground floor.

    1. Let me just congratulate you - especially on your approach! I know they do a lot of parties upstairs - you see lots of shower gifts going by during brunch....

      1. I got married last summer at Ici and then had dinner for 30 in the private room upstairs. They took care of everything down to the cake; we got married in the back garden area, a great spot but they required a tent. The wine and plates were picked from a tasting dinner held a month before the night, and were served perfectly on our wedding night. The only complaint was that our guests weren't fully aware that the bar was fully open for liquor drinks, the wine however was enjoyable and abundant. My wife and I were looking for a low stress, chill, kid friendly spot and Ici ended up working out well. We booked the spot about 6 months in advance...

        1. I attended a friend's small wedding (50 people) there last spring and it was really lovely. Food was great, and the ceremony/cocktail hour in the back garden was really sweet. The only thing to keep in mind is that the seating on first floor, where we had dinner, was a bit crowded. And at times we felt stuck in our seats when would have liked to mingle a bit more.

          1. Thanks for your input. The being stuck in your seats certainly draws concern for me. While, I am not having a dancing and visits to the bar type of wedding, I do not want my guests to feel belted in to their seats. Especially since our list has definitely crawled to the 50 mark. Can anyone give me an idea of the price pp? I would like to get a general idea before I call up their sales person. Thanks!