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Dec 15, 2008 08:39 PM

Ode to Turnips

I picked up some turnips at the farmer's market this weekend. These are true gems of vegetables, all creamy white and amethyst, as dense in the hand as one of Paris's golden apples. And the flavor is amazing: sweet, earthy, just the teeniest bit bitter, but juicy and tender through and through. They are so completely perfect in their unadulterated state that I've been slicing them and eating them pounds at a time with just a sprinkling of sea salt.

Fellow turnip lovers: How do you love them? Mashed with butter? Baked in a pie? Let us count the ways....

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    1. re: The Turtle Bay Dove

      mmm indeed! this is one of those foods i have to make in moderation. i really could eat myself sick when it comes to roasted turnips.

    2. Mashed, with roast beef and gravy

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      1. re: mwright

        oh, and they are my secret ingredient in many "brothy" soups -- grate them up very fine and add them to oriental type soup stocks, French onion soup, etc. The vegetable will "disappear' but a nice, rich flavour will remain.

        1. re: mwright

          clever -- i never thought to grate them into soups, before, though i do love when they get all melty in soups and stews.

      2. In a creamy puree with ripe pears, russet potatoes and a touch of heavy cream and butter. It is an unbeatable side dish for prime rib!

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        1. re: Phoo_d

          i love this dish, too -- though i make mine with more than a touch of heavy cream and butter. it also makes a lovely, lovely 'bed' for apple cider-glazed pork chop.

        2. Boiled then mashed with butter, bacon fat and plenty of pepper
          Stewed with chicken in curried peanut butter sauce
          Curried with lamb in Shabdeg

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          1. re: JungMann

            I also like to peel and eat them raw. I throw cubes in soups and stews in place of the starchier and less nutritious potato. I also have a guilty passion for those fluorescent pink Lebanese pickled turnips.

            1. re: 1sweetpea

              Do you have a recipe for the pickled turnips? I am on a pickling tear lately.

            2. re: JungMann

              shabdeg sounds sooooo good. i've never had any desi dishes that included turnips. do you have a recipe to share (or a restaurant in nyc to recommend)?

              1. re: cimui

                Dawat used to have it on their menu, which is appropriate since I found the recipe in a Madhur Jaffrey book (father was not really one for turnips... or plant life in general). I'll have to see if I can dig up the recipe. It's somewhat akin to Kashmiri rogan josh with turnips if I recall correctly.

                1. re: JungMann

                  i have a bunch of jaffrey's really old cookbooks kickin' around on my bookshelf. i'll take a look, too. don't go to the trouble if it's not in easy access! thanks, jungmann!

            3. mashed with rutabegas and mashed potatoes then fried in butter the next day.
              Or.....roasted with Parsnips. Parsnips are another gem!

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              1. re: jarona

                parsnips!! i do also love those. have you seen the gourmet magazine recipe for carmelized parsnips with muscadet vinegar? i made it for thanksgiving this year. amazing.