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Dec 15, 2008 08:08 PM

Peaches & Maroc Clementines in Edmonton

Please, please, please...if anybody knows where I can find Maroc clementines and fresh peaches in Edmonton, please let me know. I'm from Ontario (and also lived in New Brunswick for 4 years) and am used to having these readily available in markets there. I can't believe that I can't find clementines of all things in stores here, especially at Christmastime. I'm also at a lost for finding fresh peaches or even frozen ones for that matter. The closest that I found was a blend of frozen fruit but I wanted just peaches. Canned is not an option. If anybody can please help me, I'd be really grateful! :)

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  1. Sorry, but you are out of luck. I moved here from Ontario 9 years ago and still crave Maroc clementines. They show up occassionally at the major grocery stores, but not every year, and not for long or consistently among the stores. If someone does sight them and posts here, I'll be racing you to them!

    Peaches...another item that we easterners miss. Storebought ones are really bad, and the fresh BC ones at Strathcona market are no where near as good as the ones in Ontario.

    1. Costco often has Maroc clementines and so do the bigger Save on Foods. But I think it is a good bet that Urban Fare would have them too.

      I know I saw frozen peach pieces at Costco about a month ago. I actually had a pack in my hand but put them back because I didn't have enough room in my freezer for that and chicken breasts (and it is the law that one buys a big bag of boneless chicken breasts whenever in Costco).

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        pencast: i assume you mean urban fresh? not fare, which is no longer around.

        what about sunterra? they would be worth a call at least.

        at costco I have only ever found frozen peaches & mango mixed. if you find peaches on their own, please report back.

        I cannot help you on the clemintines, have to admit, I have never even had one! Planet organic may be worth trying out, they often have different fruits.

        for fresh peaches you are out of luck this time of year, we only get them for about 6 weeks in the summer and they are from BC, and many easterners have said that they are not really very good. looks like a road trip to BC for fresher peaches by the case then freeze them yourself!

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          Yes I did mean Urban fresh and I just spoke to the downtown store and they have Maroc clementine right now (Wednesday).

      2. Thanks so much for all of your help! I'm going to try some of the places that you all suggested and will let you know! :)

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          was at planet organic on jasper ave yesterday and they had clementines, don't know if there where maroc or not, they were from california.

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            No, maroc are from Morocco, and the best clementines you can get. I might stop at the Sobeys by the U, tomorrow to check for them there (it is supposedly an urban fresh, but really a pretty crappy store...) or zip across the river for some. My wife loves them!

        2. I haven't been downtown yet, but I did find some clementines at the Superstore on 137th street. They aren't Maroccan, but they aren't half bad though!! I'll keep you all updated.

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          1. re: veganchelly

            I bought a bag of clementines from Superstore yesterday at less than $5 per bag, and had a few this morning. Some are sweet and some aren't, and they're all fairly soft so I think I'll have to eat the bag quickly....

            1. re: anonymoose

              just picked up Maroc Clementines from Costco today I think that they were 7 bucks for a case. I have had 3 so far (in about 1 min) and they were all really good. Now granted, I don't have anything to compare them to!

          2. Costco for Morrocan clementines. Bought a couple boxes before and after Christmas, fresh, sweet, and tasty. They usually carry bags of frozen peaches too. If they both are terrible, you can always take them back, no hassle return.

            Superstore fruits and vegetables are low grade/class and not high quality. Saw their clementines the other day and they were rotting in their bags. Have seen at Sobeys and Save-On carry loose, sold by the pound/kilo.

            Try T&T Supermarket at WEM for fresh peaches or Italian supermarket.

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              Speaking of crappy Superstore quality, have you noticed that things like bananas will last a couple of days at the most before turning brown and black, while bananas from other places may last as long as a week?