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Dec 15, 2008 08:02 PM

Can't find heavy cream (whipping cream) in Mexico City

Hey everyone, I've just returned from Costco where I was SURE I'd find this completely normal ingredient, and nothing... I did find "Crema Batida" in a can, but that's really not what I'm after at all.. I just want to cook some nice french vegetable gratins for my family here..

I've looked at ISSSTE as well, no luck.

In fact I haven't found anything close to cream! At home in Canada we have 10% half and half, 18% table cream, and 35% whipping cream.

Any help is appreciated,

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  1. You can buy it at any Superama. The brand is called Lyncott, crema para batir. It's usually not right by the milk, look for it on the top shelf close to the tubs of crema and yogurt.

    1. Maybe you missed it. Costco in Puerto Vallarta has Crema Batir but it's near the butter which is in a cooler in a different aisle from the milk.

      1. Hi SocksManly,
        I don't know where in Mexico City you are located, but you might try the Wal Mart in Interlomas. I usually have good luck there and I'm sure I've seen whipping cream there. If not, there is a high end speciality market right down the street called "City Market" and they would probably have it too.

        1. Juliet and I agree, its no big deal. Get the Lyncott which is "cream for whipping" and does a great job.
          Superama in every neighborhood in the DF>

          1. So did you find that Crema batida works after all? I'm having the same trouble in my Mexican neck of the woods. Here all they sell is crema and something called chantilly which has vegetable oil. I'm going to look for regular heavy or whipping cream when I visit other parts of Mexico.

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              Wow, this old thread has come around again!

              What you are looking for is a liquid, in what you might think is a red-and-white milk carton: crema para batir. (Whipping cream). Lyncott makes it, and you can get it by the half-liter or by the liter. Then you whip it yourself. Available in large supermarkets like Superama, Chedraui, Mega, etc.