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Dec 15, 2008 07:15 PM

Vancouver, Acacia Fillo Bar

Headed over to Denman St for lunch today-one of the best lunches in a long while.

Acacia Fillo Bar is run by a Bulgarian couple who are talented and dedicated cooks/restaurateurs.

Ordered a slice of Leek and Feta Banitza-comes with a small side salad.

Absolutely delicious and an outstanding bargain, as you can see from the website they are open through the day and also have offerings to go.

Can't recommend the place enough very cozy and low key as well as welcoming and well run.

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  1. Sam, thanks for this -- I see the magic word "burek" on their website. I will be stopping by the next time we find ourselves hungry on Denman!

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    1. re: grayelf

      i love this cafe! i began eating there over a year ago and i've become addicted! the food is DIVINE. Atmosphere is laid back, cosy and soo welcoming .(i know the owners by name)
      try the spinach and feta cheese banitza (similar to the leek mentioned above) Also the mini baklava's and the chocolate and berry fillo stick for desert. Amazing. The poached egg breakfast is the best i've ever tasted, in fact, all of their food is. visit this place and i gaurantee you'll come out smiling and belly satisified

      1. re: grayelf

        Only took me 3.5 years... finally made it into Acacia for a banitza. Really lovely, light but satisfying, and a large portion for a tenner. Here's a pic:

      2. Totally agree.

        I really enjoyed a lunch I had there a couple of years ago. Just never get over to Denman St otherwise would have been back much sooner.

        Lovely people operating the place. Very warm and welcoming service.