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Dec 15, 2008 07:11 PM

Downtown Lunch Seattle

I was hoping to get some recommendations for delicious lunch options in the downtown Seattle area. I work in the medical/dental building across from Westlake Center and I generally have 45min - 1 hour for lunch. Are there any can't miss lunch spots I should try? I'm especially interested in spots near Pike Place.

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  1. Icon Grill. Make a reservation and tell them about your time crunch at the time you make the reservation.

    1. Ooo, If you head up just a touch north of Pike Place, right past where the street name changes, though I forget what it changes to- there's Etta's. It'd be on your right, sort of across the street from that little grassy mini-park that overlooks the waterfront if I remember correctly. Touch pricey but not too, and everything is well worth it- fresh, real food, perfectly cooked and oh-so-good. Mostly seafood. All delish.

      1. I second Etta's - it is on Western. Also Matt's in the Market, Il Puerco Llorn on the Hillclimb west of the Market, an Italian sausage sandwich from Uli's in the Market, and last but not least, grilled ham and cheese on black rye from Three Girls Bakery.

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          Ooh... Three Girls Reuben is to die for...

        2. If you time it right, and let me emphasize time it right, there is Salumi. Excellent sandwich. If you don't time it, you will be waiting in line.

          In Pike's Market across from Uli the Sausage maker is a little lunch counter style place that serves fantastic grilled salmon sandwiches. Highly recommend. Finally, if you like Piroshky, Piroshky Piroshky is right there in the market as well.


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            And Uli's will grill any sausage and serve it on a toasted bun for you in their new biergarten, with good fries and a very nice aioli.
            The market is stuffed with great, cheap, fast lunches. In fact, there are so many nice surprises in cheap, fast, good lunches there, I advise you to adopt a search-pattern strategy and start working your delicious way through them all.
            Don't miss pizza at Delaurenti's (with a nice salad), World Class Chili, I love New York deli, Pike Place Grill, right across the aisle from Uli's, - oh, this is silly, I'll be listing a hundred lunches. Go eat...

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              I am sad to report that World Class Chili has closed for good. Their last day was apparently the 20th of December. I went to pick up some chili for my better half on Monday and discovered the unfortunate note in the window.

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                Thank you, Terrier, for very sad news.

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                    Thank you, Foodie, for the link. Joe was a very special man. Yes, his chili truly was world-class (we had him bring gallons for our wedding) but we'll miss even more his smile, his humor, and that incredible twinkle he'd get. He made big and welcoming space for everybody. We will always love him and be grateful to have known him.
                    Eric Nelson and Aspen Swartz

          2. If you want something quick and not too pricey, I love Beechers. They have fabulous paninis and their mac and cheese is amazing.

            If you're looking for something more sit-down and bit more $$, I also love Cafe Campagne. Amazing lamb burger served with frites and a side of aioli. Nom nom nom.

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              We treated ourselves to lunch at Matt's at the Market on the 23rd. The grilled tuna cheese sandwich special was incredible, as was the often-mentioned catfish sandwich. Soups were great, and the ice creams divine. And with a few glasses of wine, one could almost forget the slushy nightmare outside!