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Dec 15, 2008 06:47 PM

Hmm. Safeway "Eating Right"???

I rarely go to Safeway, but picked up some of their frozen pocket sandwiches that were marked "Eating Right".

First thing on the ingredient list: "Hydrogenated Soybean Oil" aka transfats.


Since when is transfat about eating right? Isn't there some kind of law about the veracity of labels?

Also, they do everything to persuade shoppers to use plastic during checkout: plastic is the default unless you ask for paper, and paper bags have no handles to them.

Now I remember why I shop Farmers Markets/WholeFoods/Trader Joe's.

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  1. You must be outside the city, they can't use plastic bags here. But there is a real treat at TJs locations in San Francisco with bags - most of the time, they have compostable bags that you can use for your kitchen compostables and put out every week with the garbage.

    1. I don't think you read the label correctly. The first ingredient on every pocket sandwich label I looked at ( is "flour blend." Further, several of the sandwiches didn't have partially or fully hydrogenated vegetable or soybean oil at all. The ones that do still don't have any transfats (which means at least that they contain less than whatever cutoff per serving the labeling allows right now).

      If the first thing on the list were hydrogenated vegetable oil...well, you'd pretty much have Crisco.

      Plastic bags are not the evil opposite of paper bags. Paper take much more energy to produce and if they're not handled correctly post grocery store use, don't do anything at all better for the environment than plastic. The only good answer on that is to take your own.

      Great to know about the compostable bags at Trader Joe's in SF. That's brilliant. Paper bags can go in the SF compost, too. Being away from the city right now, I have to say that its what I miss most, oddly enough.

      1. I read the label for my frozen food entree, and I found partially hydrogenated oil towards the end of the list. The entrees taste good, and are much better than any other lowfat frozen entree that I've tried.