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Dec 15, 2008 06:41 PM


I am a big time BBQ enthusiast and I am always looking for new spots in New England to try. I was just wondering how good LJ's is. I've spent a lot of time down south and own a couple of smokers so I don't want to waste my time on mediocre bbq. Also, most bbq places tend to do certain kinds of meat better than others so what do you recommend there?


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  1. In case you don't already know about this site:

    This guy seems to be pretty knowledgeable about bbq and has a wide range of experience visiting bbq joints in New England and NY.

    1. I lived in the South for a number of years and there really isn't any place in RI that measures up to a top of the line BBQ in GA or NC.

      That being said, I like LJ's brisket. Thei pulled pork is too heavy for my taste. Their collards are really great, though pricey given the size of the portion.

      1. I had the "pulled pork" the only time I've been, and it was not what I think of as pulled pork. As Frobisher said, it's heavy, and I also found it dry and a bit tough. The coleslaw seemed similarly off to me.

        I should go back and give them another chance, but I'm not holding my breath until I make it back.