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Dec 15, 2008 06:36 PM

ISO Canned Fried Onion - Toronto

I am looking for the fried onion toppings for my green bean casserole. I could not find it at my local Loblaws. Has anyone seen it recently?

Preferred location: Downtown or west side (between High Park and Mississauga)

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  1. I would suggest you ask them at your Loblaws - I see them quite often at just about every grocery store I go to. I do not shop in your area, though.

    1. Any East Indian /Pakistani Grocery store will have fried onions. Not sure the closest one in you area but Mississauga has tonnes of them

      1. If you're talking about the traditional bean casserole, it's made with the French's fried onions. They're available everywhere -- I just bought 2 cans from No Frills for the same casserole I'm making for Christmas. Try them in a SHAVED roast beef sandwich on multigrain buttered bread with mayo and lots of the French's onion - eat immediately so they don't get soggy. Made for hubby one day who just LOVED it and couldn't figure out what the yumminess was all about.

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          Thanks Mitzimouse. Are they generally in the same aisle as the canned vegetables?

          1. re: cecilia

            I think they were in the condiment aisle.

        2. The French's fried onions come in pouches now too.