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Dec 15, 2008 06:23 PM

Dinner with foodie friends b/w Gwynedd and Jenkintown?

We are having dinner next Sunday with good friends who are coming in for the holidays. They will be staying in Gwynedd Valley (near Gwynedd-Mercy College) and we live in Jenkintown, so I'm looking for somewhere with consistently delicious food, relatively quiet so we can converse comfortably, and preferably BYOB since our friend is a sommelier and will bring better wine than we could afford at restaurant prices. ;-)

Anywhere up that 309 corridor would be great, including Chestnut HIll.

I do know and like Arpeggio, but I'm looking for something a little more intimate. The last time they came to town we ate at Mirna's here in Jenkintown, but that's our standby place and I'd love to branch out this visit. Price range is fair to middling, but if there's some truly exceptional (yet expensive) gem out there, we'll go.


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  1. We like this special little place: It's in the Gwynned train station & is nice & cozy. The menu on the web site is small, but they do have excellent specials; it's BYOB.

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      That is exactly what my first thought was.

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        I was definitely considering Bocelli! My friend often says she doesn't like to eat Italian when she goes out because she can usually do better at home. (Her familiy is Sicilian.) However, I have heard that Bocelli is wonderful and it is currently the strongest contender.

        Thanks for the recommendations - please keep them coming!

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          I really like the Gwynned location. It's small, so you get a very intimate feel when you are there. In addition, the lights outside are charming. I bet if you were to call ahead and speak to the chef/owner, you might be able to see if they can do some less "Italian" dishes for you.

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          Ditto Bocellis, good food/good intimate atmosphere.

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            We have a reservation at Bocelli's. I'll let you know how our meal is - thanks so much for all the help!

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              We had our dinner last night, and Bocelli was perfect! Thank you so much to everyone for your help. Our friends were very impressed and the atmosphere was just right. We were a little surprised that the staff basically turned off all the kitchen lights and sat there in their coats waiting for us to leave at 8:29 (closing time was 8:30), but that was the only odd note in an otherwise pleasant evening.

              I had the roasted vegetable appetizer and a seafood linguine special in rose sauce. The flavors were wonderful - nothing stood out too much or too little, it all just blended together perfectly. Bread was great, complimentary bruschetta was also great.

              Our friends had the appetizer special, stuffed portobello mushrooms with crabmeat, goat cheese, and something else I can't remember. They loved it.

              Thanks again!

              1. re: oliviasaru

                I had a grilled romaine salad there once -- amazing. So glad you liked it & that it provided a nice night with your friends. That is a little odd about the staff.....

            2. I recommend Alison Two in Fort Washington. There's also a Bocelli in Chestnut Hill, now.

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                  Alison Two permits wine with a corkage fee .. to the best of my recollection. They even have wine lockers there.

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                    Well then, I stand corrected. That is good to know.

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                      Are you sure you're not thinking of the original Alison at Blue Bell? I know it took them a long time to get a liquor license there and they allow BYO, but I don't think they do at the new Alison Two. I could be wrong of course, I never tried to BYO to either of them.