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Dec 15, 2008 05:58 PM

Foodie holiday present help - way out of the box!

I am looking for a present for my brother in law. We have bonded over the fact that we are both obsessive about food, specifically pork, bacon, and various other forms of pig. Other forms of meat, ie lamb, are equally appreciated, as is east coast seafood, and did I say pork...

So, he worked in a restaurant, finished second in an oyster shucking contest, needless to say the kid can cook, and eat (and somehow remain skinny - the bastard.)

Long story short, I want to get him something related to do with food in SF as he lives there, whether it be a crazy random cooking class like butchery or charcuterie making, a trip to a sausage factory, a day with a chef in the kitchen, some sort of field trip, just something interesting and unique that isn't stupidly expensive.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, and please, leave out anything with tofu in it...

Mr. Bigglesworth.

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  1. maybe some individual products from boccalone, or better yet--a subscription to their salumi society?

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      I agree with boccalone! wow their cured meats are great. and because they practice offal cooking (is that how you say it?), you are sure to get some interesting stuff in your monthly box. love them!

    2. Avedano's has a $300 course in butchery, which allegedly includes some meat. No idea whether it's worth the price.

      Doesn't Marin Sun Farms have tours?

      1. Avedano's has a 3-hour butchery class that sounds really interesting. I see classes listed through the end of the year, so you'd need to call them about 2009.

        235 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. Not SF per se, but one of the most unusual things i've seen, a whole smoked crocodile at Royal Market. Here's the info,

          1. If you have any connection at all to Oliveto, or even want to chance calling them up out of the blue, they often have interns come in on Saturdays to help in the kitchen. An intern for the day may not be able to do actual butchery or make salumi, but would probably get to see a lot going on; Oliveto should be ramping up salumi production right now in preparation for their whole hog dinners in February. On that note, buy him a gift certificate to go to the whole hog dinners--they're great for the pig lover.