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El Gaucho, Brooklyn edition

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This place recently opened, at the location of the late and very much lamented Zion, on 18th Ave and E 4th. It is not in any way connected to the chain in Israel, or to the one in Mexico.

Some relatives and I ate there last night, and had a good time.

At my end of the table we started with chorizo, chicken salad, a beef empanada, and chicken soup. I can tell you that the chicken salad was excellent, as was the chorizo with chimichurri. There was a discussion here earlier about chorizo; this was nothing at all like that. No red liquid, just a grilled sausage. I didn't try the empanada or the chicken soup (a bit hard to share those), but the people who did said they were good.

We then went on to main courses. Five of us ordered a skirt steak, two chicken skewers, and a mixed grill for two, which was some skirt steak, short ribs, sweetbreads, more chorizo, and a chicken breast and leg, all served on a parilla; we also ordered a side of garlic mashed potatoes. That ended up being more than enough for all five of us, and one of the chicken skewers was left over to be taken home. Everything was great; the skirt steak was unexpectedly tender. Someone up-table had spaghetti bolognese, and passed it down for tasting; it was quite good, if rather salty.

Then came desserts. I generally don't bother with dessert at a fleishige place, but these sounded lovely and we all tried some. We had "dolce de leche" crepes (obviously no milk), and passion fruit crepes, banana pancake, and a flan, all of which were pronounced good. Personally I didn't care much for the banana pancake, but then I didn't expect to, which is why I didn't order it.

Total cost, for 12 adults and two children, was a bit over $500.

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  1. We've been to El Gaucho Steakhouse 3 times, and have always enjoyed it very much.
    They have a varied and interesting menu from which to choose. I highly recommend the prime rib, and would suggest ordering it medium, so it's nice and juicy.
    We shared the Tropical Salad tonight as an appetizer, and it was really delicious and different from the typical salads you see around.
    I've seen quite a few reviews of the place online, and every one that I read was really positive. I thought that I'd give them a plug because things looked a little slow (probably because of the current economic situation). I'd hate to see them have to close.