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Dec 15, 2008 05:10 PM

Will you kind people recommend a public house for us

Hi folks

We are a English-Canadian couple living in East York. Some good friends of the family whom I haven't seen for years will be staying near YYZ. We want to get together in a place that vaguely resembles a pub. They do know their way to some extent round the city and they will have a car. However it is better if we do most of the travelling. Does anybody have any suggestions for a venue, maybe round the 401 Allen area - or anywhere else for that matter. If they have edible food then that's a bonus - but not a show stopper. It's the ambience (said with a French accent) that we are looking for.

(If chow does not include beer then I will cancel my subscription)

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  1. Isn't the northern outpost of the Abbott on Avenue towards the 401? If so, and if it resembles the Summerhill location, that would suit your needs. If you're willing to venture south, but still easy to get to, Rebel House has a very comfy pub feel. And rest assured, chow means liquid and solid delights.

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      PP, I guess we were typing at the same time! So that's 2 votes for the Abbott. :)

      1. re: TorontoJo

        Indeed - and thanks for clarifying the location as I haven't actually been to that one. I *love* the buffalo shrimp at the other location - totally addictive.

      2. re: peppermint pate

        The Rebel House on Yonge is a great place. It can be tough to get in as it's small and popular.
        Food is excellent and so is the assortment of local beers.

        It's also right on the subway line so it's very accessible.


      3. The Abbott Pub is on Yonge, not far south of the 401 (about 6 or 7 blocks north of Lawrence) more than vaguely resembles a pub and has quite good food (the buffalo shrimp are particularly tasty). And yes, they have beer. :)

        1. Thinking outside the box here but why not look at Olde Yorke Fish & Chips on Laird?

          In addition to excellent fish & chips, the dining room/bar is a reasonable facsimile of a public house (especially the pub side of the room- wooden booths facing a nice bar).

          IIRC, they have good quality ales from the old country on tap as well.


          1. Thank you for what is a remarkably consistent recommendation. The Abbott it is

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