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Dec 15, 2008 04:54 PM

Pot roast or short ribs in Santa Monica?

Any recommendations for either of these, preferably to go or somewhere informal, in Santa Monica? Whole Foods used to have great pot roast, but hasn't had it in some time. I've got a craving something fierce!

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  1. Would Nook work? I think you may even get a discount on your bill for take out.

    1. Try Houston's (Wilshire & 2nd in SM). Their ribs are excellent.

      1. Nook was the first to come to mind for me as well, though I prefer their former shortribs to the replacement potroast with a horseradish topping. I think the dish is a generous portion priced at $20 on their dinner menu, and they offer a 15% discount for takeout.

        Another option, at about half that already reasonable price, is the underrated hot takeout side at Bay Cities. Their potroast is not the unctuous, wine-braised upscale version like Nook's, but more an au jus longcooked homey sliced beef. But still tasty, tender and served with two sides for $7.98. Closed Mondays.

        1. I believe Father's Office has short ribs.

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            Father's Office has great short ribs, but my favorite are at Primitivo on Abbot Kinney.

          2. Thanks so far for all of the suggestions! Please keep them coming :)

            I had no idea Bay Cities had anything other than sandwiches (I am not a "sandwich person," so I've never been). Good to know.