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Dec 15, 2008 04:31 PM

Breakfast in STL on Christmas morning

When my wife and I got to see my fam in Philly over the holidays, we always have an XMAS morning breakfast out. However, this year we're in STL (we're staying in Maryland Heights) and would like to continue this tradition. Anyone know of any places worth going to--no Steak & Shake or other chains, please.

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  1. It's gonna be difficult. It's hard enough to find a place open for dinner beyond White Castle and Denny's and some, but not all of the hotels. My first thought would be one of the Chinese places on Olive, like LuLu, or, closer, Hunan Garden, on Page, which is quite near Westport in Maryland Heights. And you could investigate to see if any of the delicatessens would be open that day. And bigger hotels will have breakfast, although we've seen no ads featuring the sort of buffet you sometimes see on New Year's Day or any Sunday of the year. The really wonderful, funky places are all going to be closed because they're family owned. Wish I had better news for you, and perhaps someone else will have something more promising.

    1. I believe Harrah's Casino rest aurant is open all day.

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          Thanks for the recs, though not an easy one, I know. I've been to Uncle Bill's and it's all right. Harrah's not my cup of tea, and Dim Sum would be great if it were open earlier. But such is life. I was hoping for a good diner or good Jewish deli, but alas, probably not.

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            I just called Kohn's on Old Olive. They are open, "skeleton crew" from 9 - 11 am only.

            Other deli's may be open.

            I can tell you the Ritz on a normal weekend brunch is fabulous FWIW.


        2. Check out the Ritz Carlton in Clayton for breakfast, its always beautiful during the holidays.

          1. If you want early you're out of luck, but Eau at the Chase Park Plaza is doing brunch 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Christmas Day