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Dec 15, 2008 04:16 PM

HELP: need authentic italian market in denver - house made sausage especially

OK so we have a yearly sauce party around christmas time(cheeses, breads, meats and homemade family-recipe sauces). part of the success of this has always been two amazing and authentic italian markets in pittsburgh, pa. we are doing the party in boulder this year and, while i have shipped out a lot of the necessities for the sauce, i need a place to get house-made italian sausage, authentic cheeses and meats and good italian breads. i have heard of some, but really could use some help here. i've heard carbone's in denver and then also vinnola's in wheat ridge. my main concern is that they are not just an italian deli - they need to be a market most significantly.

thanks for your help hounds. happy holidays.

also, if i have to make multiple trips to multiple places to get the best of each item, i'll be more than glad.

lastly, i've also heard something like enrico's (i think?) in arvada.


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  1. It's not specifically an Italian market, but Marczyk Fine Foods sells fantastic house-made hot Italian sausage (which Mark Tarbell's Oven at Belmar serves as an appetizer and a pizza topping):

    You might also see if you can buy some of the house-made cheeses and meats from Osteria Marco:

    Parisi is worth checking out for their market/deli area:

    Updated to add Tony's:

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      All of RLM's recommendations are good, and I'd expecially second the recommendation if Parisi.

      If you ever find yourself in Pueblo (except on Sunday, when they are closed), go to Gagliano's is the Bessemer neighbohood, not far off I-25. They make their own sausage, but beyond that, it is a small neighborhood market that will be familiar to anyone with favorite delis in Italian neighborhoods in the Northeast. It has been in the same family for three generations. See

    2. Love Enrico's. Had a friend turn me on to their sausage and red sauce. They have a small market and also sell dough and cheeses.

      Enrico's Italian Sausage & Market‎
      8020 Chase Dr, Arvada, CO‎ - (303) 429-0750‎

      1. Anyone ever been to Vinnola's in Wheat Ridge? I've heard good things from a trusted source...

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          I used to work right across the street and we'd go there frequently for lunch. I can vouch for the sandwiches! Co-workers loved the cannoli, but I was not as big a fan. Then again, I'm not a huge cannoli fan in general...

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            We used to go to Vinnola's until...the clerk (wearing disposable gloves) took someone's cash, removed sausage from the meat case, and then grabbed bread for another customer ... without changing gloves. I'll never go back.