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Dec 15, 2008 04:15 PM

Dinner w/ dad near Battery Park

My father and I are going to an opening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage tomorrow evening and would like to have dinner afterwards, preferably within walking distance. (He's driving down from Westchester, and I'm taking the subway from Brooklyn). Both of us are adventurous eaters. Entrees in the $20-30 range or less. We won't be drinking, most likely.

Is that area the culinary wasteland that google maps makes it appear to be? A search turned up literally nothing!

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  1. Right outside the Museum there is a stop for free shuttle bus called Connection (look for the logo NN). You can take the shuttle to South Street Seaport and go to Aqua for simple Italian, or Mark Joseph for steak (it may be more expensive than your budget). If you head to Stone Street, there is Adrienne Pizza that is pretty good. I have heard good things about Barbarini Alimentari, but have never been myself.

    If you take the shuttle and head to the opposite direction, you can go to the World Financial Center for PJ Clarke's. Burgers is the way to go!