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Dec 15, 2008 04:11 PM

grand lakes chinese restauarant west palm

Ate Dim Sum there past Saturday . Excellent, Close to what I have had in New York Chinatown (Flushing). However I am confused. I seem to remember seeing on this board a while back a topic on Grand Lakes Super Buffet in West Palm. Does anyone remember a place by that name ?

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  1. dont know about a buffet but it is good food rivals san francisco or nyc ive lived in both next time you go get the wintermellon soup==ask for it to be very thick if you are not asian they serve it clear for chop suey or chow mein tastebuds. their house chow fun is incredible

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      Thanks marky123. I just remembered the buffet . It is Crazy Buffet in West Palm. I checked out some posts which were very mixed. Never really favored buffets. It was really nice to find a place like Grand Lakes.. Now I am surrounded by Chinatown style restaurants, Silver Pond on the South and Grand Lakes on the North even though I am in Delray about twenty miles away from either one. This is not a new thing for me because up North (Long Island) I have to travel about the same distance to Flushing for great Chinese food.

      1. re: albee

        Don't forget Hong Kong City Barbeque. I shuttle between these three and Kingsburg in Boynton Beach.

        Hong Kong City BBQ
        5301 N State Road 7, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319

        1. re: Alfred G

          Also Singing Bamboo on Military Trail.