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Dec 15, 2008 03:33 PM

looking for quality oysters, raw bar, seafood restaurants in the Triangle

recently moved to chapelk hill from NYC. i am in search of top quality seafood restaurants, particularly ones that serve a selection of oysters on the half shell. east coast, west coast...and i'm onot into the types that are served at fishmongers in durham or squids in chapel hill. those are huge, rubbery, and no taste.
i'm talking about the kumamoto, malpeque, blue point, belons, hog island, price edward island...etc....
i will travel too. raleigh, durham, chapel hill, cary etc.. thanks!

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  1. Blu in Durham usually has a decent variety. I've seen malpeque and blue points there.

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        I don't think you'll find anything along the lines of what you might find in NYC, but yeah, Blu usually has them (although not a huge selection) and they're good.

    1. mccormick and schmick in raleigh at crabtree mall. they have blue points (just had them tonight). and you may want to try fins in downtown raleigh for seafood (not sure about oysters specifically). fins was recently written up in bon appetit. i had a very fine meal there. they don't have a web site, just the myspace but it has the menu on it.

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          mccormick & schmick just received an 88.5 sanitation rating. While I am the type not to frown too much on a "B" rating, this is disturbing considering it is a new restaurant for this area.

          As for Tony's in Cary, they're probably the best around. Sunnyside Too in Garner (spawn of the original Sunnyside Oyster Bar in Williamston, NC) does a good job as well.

        2. aenverga, There were two places we liked in your area for oysters. One was Tony's in Cary and the other was 42nd Street Oyster Bar in Raleigh. This was three years ago however. I looked at the Blu website and hesitated even mentioning these. I did want to let you know about a local family-run seafood house though. It is a local favorite called Kemp's and it is near the airport. If you ever are in the mood for a fried platter Kemp's is the place to go. Good luck finding Blue Points, my favorite!

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          1. The full handle is Tony's Bourbon Street Oyster Bar. Raw oysters are what 42nd Street Oyster Bar does best, but the last two times I was there the shuck job was so poor most oysters had bits of shell on them. For retail you can't beat Earp's Seafood just south of downtown Raleigh.

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            1. Also, take a weekend and go to the coast! You'll have to research the best time of year to get the freshest local oysters, but they can be had. My parents live in Beaufort, a very adorable seaside town with some great restaurants, and at certain times of year they can make a meal of piles of fresh oysters at the Net House restaurant. And of course there's local shrimp and other types of fish . . .