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Dec 15, 2008 03:20 PM

Is this Fruit Spread Terminal?

I just found a jar of St. Dalfour Wild Blueberry 100 % fruit spread that had migrated to the back of the pantry closet. To my horror, the date on the top of the jar is 03/16/2007. Of course it is unopened --- but is it terminally outdated, or might it still be okay to use? No 1-800 number on it, so I'm relying on the expertise of chowhounds. Thanks.

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  1. It is a sugar based preserved food. Open it, if seal "pops", it is OK. The flavor will not be as good as when it was first made. You may want to toss it after tasting. Worthless sweet calories...

    Almost everything has a date as a suggestion. It is only tested that far in advance. This is especially true for pharmaceuticals.

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    1. re: Cathy

      It certainly popped, Cathy! However, the ingredients are only these: blueberries, concentrated grape juice, fruit pectin. It even specifies No preservatives. There's no added sugar. Does it still qualify as a sugar based preserved food?

      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        It popped. It's fine. Fruit is sugar based. Opposed to acid/tomato based.

        Does it smell like blueberries? That's the first sign of it being old. No distinctive smell...

    2. Are you going to make an "I dared to chow!" shirt after you eat it? And have one next to you that says "I died for chow!" just in case? :) Does it smell? Is it moldy?

      Here's their contact info:

      Why not cook it up into a sauce to kill anything pernicious?

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        Okay --- it smells like blueberries. It looks just fine. It isn't moldy. I took a tiny taste before asking the second question. It tasted really good --- but now I have a funny taste in my mouth (which just as easily can be in my head). Funny thing, though, esp. in response to G.A.: I had already tried the St. Dalfour website and couldn't get fully into it because I kept getting an error message: Potentially dangerous request.
        I thought that was pretty odd (not to mention sinister) under the circumstances. But the error message was referring to viruses and computers, so I ignored it. Then when your link came I tried it again. Same message! Do you think computers can have ESP?
        I'm going with the old adage, When in doubt, throw it out!
        But thanks for the mini-chemistry lesson, Cathy, it was interesting to learn about the bases.

        1. re: gourmandadventurer

          If it "popped" it was sealed air tight and is just as sterile as when it was produced, so it can't have any bad bugs. It may have deteriorated in quality, but it's not unsafe to eat. If something is safe to keep on the shelf for a year without growing pathogens, it's safe indefinitely: either it's sterile or it's not.

        2. I've found that 100% fruit spread doesn't keep nearly as well as jam or preserves made with regular sugar. I think it has more moisture in it and less sugar...