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Christmas Eve December 24

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Do any experts know if there are any decent restaurants at all that might be open on the 24th? If at all?


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  1. This might help: http://restomontreal.ca/restaurants/f...
    It has a list of restaurants that offer X-mas menus, etc.
    Personally, I have only been to the The Keg (downtown) and Khyber Pass, liked both, it depends what kind of food/atmosphere you're looking for. I also heard good things about Bis and Chez Le Portugais.

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      The veal in cream sauce with lots of black truffle chips is very good at Bis.

      Troika the Russian place downtown may be open. I ate there on Christmas Eve a long time ago. Other Russian places, different religious calendar, may be open too.

      The places that are open make be packed so make reservations soon.