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Dec 15, 2008 03:09 PM

Gift Certificate in Philadelphia

Hi-I am a NYC chowhound and would love to get my parents a gift certificate to a great new place in Philly. They like all foods but something that has a little more senior appeal but no too sedate! Thanks for your help!

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  1. La Croix is fantastic. Upscale, but since you don't mention it I assume the exceptional prices are no object. Creative, exceptional food -- this ( will give you an idea. Le Bec Fin is what most locals would associate with 'best restaurant', but I'm not sure it is; very good and very formal.

    I'm not quite sure what 'senior appeal' means. Earlybird special?

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      Matt Levin has/is leaving. At such a high-end restaurant being between chefs might not be very appearling for the time being.

      1. Vetri is likely the best restaurant in the city, but it is ten years old so not "new'. Many of the newer places, Osteria, Tinto, Distrito, etc are bustling, so perhaps not "appealing to seniors". What's new (1 year, 2)? How much do they go out? Where do they enjoy going? Do you want center city (Allison two comes to mind) That info might help us help you!

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          That's great-I was thinking of Vetri but I do believe my parents have eaten there. I will check out your other suggestions. Okay-so I guess I mean senior appeal as not 20 year olds-not too loud either. Certainly not early bird! I do think that the LeBecFin prices may be a little too rich for my blood this year so something a little less expensive. Keep the suggestions coming!

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            A gift certificate for brunch at Lacroix. It is amazing.

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              Daisy is correct - Lacroix brunch is amazing if you want to go that route. If they are adventurous, consider Ansill - small plates, the less common plates are the best (marrow, etc). I also really enjoy Gayle - the menu doesn't do it justice - look for "translations" - I posted about a recent meal. Cochon and Bistrot Minette (4 months old) are good french bistros, Cochon is BYO. Jose Garces has Amada, Tinto and Distrito - all are excellent, all are pretty loud.
              If LeBec is too expensive, Vetri is as well. Actually, LeBec has recently changed its approach, returned its Michelin stars, and gone more casual (in comparison) so it might be better than you think as an option. I haven't been but there have been good reviews.
              Someone else will have to give you west of Broad street, I go there but east is my home so I am better versed

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                if your parents have a little bit of spunk osteria would definitely fit the bill. and i agree with everything bigley said. :)

          2. How about Devon Seafood Grille. I think it fits the bill for senior appeal, with a nice atmosphere that's not too loud, and reliably good selection of fish. Won't break the bank either.

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              1. If they like Italian.........and it's been around a long time, La Famiglia is sedate with excellent food