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Dec 15, 2008 02:58 PM

Best Filet Mignon in Dutchess or Ulster?

I'd like to give my parents a gift certificate for dinner for their 30th anniversary, and my mom is a filet mignon nut. Anybody know of some that'll impress her? Thanks!

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  1. close, but just outside of ulster..

    schlesinger's steakhouse, new windsor. i forget if i had the filet, but aged steaks are the specialty, i've been a couple times and i think it's the best in these two counties.

    1. I like Skytop Steakhouse, on a side road just off Route 28 at the Kingston exit of the Thruway. I'm more of a NY strip steak guy myself, but the filet there is also good. They also operate the Hyde Park Brewhouse, but I find them to be not as good as Skytop. There are some nice views, since the place is on top of a hill. I don't often order steak in our immediate area because I like to grill my own.

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        I have to strongly disagree about Skytop. Went there a couple of times last year and thought it was okay. Have been twice in the last month - once with my family and once with my office - and unfortunately both times were poor showings. the staff is friendly but overly apologetic for steak that was so obviously done 5-10 minutes too long - including the filet. Our starters were ambitious but poorly cooked. Is there anything worse than mushy shrimp cocktail. Potatoes were undersalted once and oversalted the next time. the floor manager was nice when we complained and alluded to a "problem' in the kitchen. Still I would recommend the Flatiron in Red Hook or even the Roudigan's before I'd go back to Skytop.

      2. Sorry to double post, but I forgot about a place that just opened in Red Hook that seems to be getting raves, though I've not yet tried it -- Flatiron Steakhouse in Red Hook. I just learned about them by reading the review in Hudson Valley Magazine. The chef/co-owner was at Beacon, Waldy Malouf's place in Manhattan, which knows how to do great steaks. So, you may want to consider them.