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Dec 15, 2008 02:55 PM


I am heading up to Stowe for a weekend getaway with the man and am looking for suggestions for dining. We will be arriving on Friday and looking for something casual and cozy for that first night. We will be looking for something a little nicer for Saturday and a place to grab Sunday brunch. Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't know what prices you're looking at but recommendations made for this area in the past have been:

    Hen of the Woods (Waterbury, right near exit 10) Upscale dining experience, strongly recommend this place for your Saturday night
    The Alchemist (Waterbury, pub, I hear they have great brews and good food)
    Ocha Thai (Waterbury) I really like this place, it's about a block and a half from the Alchemist

    Michael's on the Hill (Stowe) Upscale dining, atmosphere doesn't get good marks from what I hear, but the food is good (also, from what I hear, I haven't been there for long time)

    I'm better with Waterbury than Stowe but I'm sure others will pipe in and point out the recent threads about Stowe. :) I hope you have a great time. Where are you staying?

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      My wife and I had an anniversary dinner at the Blue Moon Cafe in Stowe a few months back and it was a great meal. It's definitely a cozy place, but might be best for your Saturday meal, as it's somewhat on the pricey side (entrees in the $20-30 range, as I recall). Well worth it, though.

      The Dutch Pancake Cafe at the Grey Fox Inn in Stowe is a good place for an unusual and highly decadent breakfast. The array of pancakes served there is overwhelming ... expect to spend a solid 5-10 minutes making a selection.


      Blue Moon Cafe
      35 School St, Stowe, VT 05672

      Grey Fox Inn
      990 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT

      1. re: Morganna

        Michael's on the Hill was very good and the most high-end meal we had, a few years ago.
        Here's my area map of places in and around Stowe:
        You might want to check out Montpelier.

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          Thanks for your suggestions. I am not familiar with the area so I have no idea how far Waterbury is from where we will be. We are staying at the Green Mountain inn...

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            Waterbury is very close, it's the town just off the exit you'll be taking. You go through it to get to Stowe. :) Not a difficult or long drive to go to dinner/lunch there. :)

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              Just look at my map and you will see all the places and the location relationships !

              1. re: Scargod

                Thanks! How is the Ben and Jerry's factory? Worth a trip?

                1. re: lmuller

                  I thought it was very fascinating. It is highly orchestrated and very commercialized. The samples were small, IMHO, considering you had to PAY for the tour and then there is their touristy merchandise shop where you can buy all sorts of items. Still, you might like it and I especially think younger people would be very fascinated by the process. I'm sort of an engineering type and I've been in many manufacturing environments, so I'm slightly jaded and probably not representative of your average visitor.

                  1. re: lmuller

                    B&J's factory tour?

                    I share the fascination with food manufacturing tours, I've also seen the Agri-Mark butter assembly line in West Springfield MA (not open to the public), and it's pretty interesting to some of us. B&J's production line is equally fascinating.

                    That said, B&J's is extemely commercial, and at times a bit over-the-top offensive in the gift shop and the attitude conveyed. Your Mileage May Vary.

                    1. re: lmuller

                      Well I like it, and everyone I've ever taken to it has liked it. Commercial, yes. The gift shop has a liberal bent in some of its stuff. Considering how the company was founded, and by whom, that shouldn't be a surprise. But there's nothing obscene or truly nasty about anything in the shop (nothing I wouldn't think appropriate for children, for instance). In fact, I can't even be sure what it could have been that signothetimes would have found over the top offensive, but that's how things go. :) YMMV, as always.

                      1. re: Morganna

                        So I have made three reservations. They are at Hen of the Woods, Michaels on the Hill, and Blue Moon cafe. Any thoughts? I can only do one or two of them and they all look good!

                        1. re: lmuller

                          The first two are excellent. I have never been to Blue Moon. It may go without saying, but be sure to cancel the one you are not going to. I'm sure the owners will appreciate the opportunity to "resell" the table.

                          1. re: TonyO

                            Michaels on the Hill is really surprisingly good. The atmosphere isn't much, but the food delivers. We eat there almost every weekend we go to stowe.

                            Blue moon is good, but no longer in the same league. It was better 8-10 years ago. Still go there, and its fine. Much easier to get a table now unsurprisingly...

                            I'm really looking forward to trying Hen of the Woods this year.

                            The Gables Inn does the best Breakfast in Stowe, as an aside.

              2. So... I ended up canceling all of the reservations I had made! Once we drove into Stowe we realized that Hen of the Woods and Michael's on the Hill were both a bit of a drive. We wanted to stay in Stowe village where we could walk to dinner and then back to the hotel again. The first night, we had dinner at the Whip. It was in our hotel, easy, and delicious! The second night we had dinner at Harrison's which we were also very happy with. We had lunch at the Rusty nail while we were watching a football game which was not all that impressive. We also grabbed breakfast goodies one morning at Jamies- simple and yummy!

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                  Well, Hen of the Woods and Michael's aren't in your hotel, you would have had to drive to them, but I guess I don't think much about driving 20 mins for a great restaurant when I'm in the area. :) It's just a question of subjective preferences. :)

                  If you'd said in your original post you didn't want to drive at all, I bet we could have given you better recommendations. :)