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Dec 15, 2008 02:53 PM

Saturday night dinner around Holborn

Am going to watch The Snowman Saturday night at the Peacock Theatre near Holbon/LSE area and am looking for dinner place. nowhere fancy just some place good and cheap. entrees should be under 15 pounds. thanks for the help!

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  1. I think Asadal (Korean) might fit the bill; right next to the Holborn tube station. A bit of a walk north will lead you to Potemkin for Russian food or Aki, a pretty good Japanese izakaya.

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    1. re: limster

      very helpful limster, we will be staying by bloomsbury square over christmas & i am hoping at least one of these will be open!

    2. We were at the Peacock about a month ago - had lunch first at Boulevard Brasserie in Covent Garden. The food was OK and the price was right. They usually have some special deals before and after the theatre. Their frites are very good, but the rest is just average.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        you must go to tartufo trattoria . Its a very decent italian , the pastas are excellent , in no way reminiscent of any chain pasta establishments . The prices are excellent too , easily withing your budget , and they couldnt be nicer . But it is the food and especially the quality of the home made pastas that enthuse my recommedation . Have a search around on the net , theres not a lot on it but what comments there are are unanimously excellent .
        And its at the bottom end of red lion st so genuinely only 5 min walk from there (i schooled at the lse , it is only 5 min )

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          I know you probably meant this for the OP, but it's on my list now!!

          1. re: zuriga1

            dont get me wrong it is no zafferano , locanda locatelli or river cafe , but it is not in their price league , or even close . Youd could do antipasta , pasta and secondi each with a bottle of wine for around 60 pounds all in .
            For me it just makes a change for a simple restaurant to do pasta well .

            1. re: millema

              I like more simple Italian food. Maybe that's because I'm used to the abundance of that in the States. For some reason, we now have 3 Italian places (medium-price and quality) here in my small, Surrey town. I can't imagine why we need three, but two are very good and have improved over the last few years. One is new and a chain (Prezzo). I notice it's always empty, unlike the other two.

              1. re: millema

                Thanks for the recommendation. I went there last night and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I've eaten at some of the best Italian restaurants in LA, NY and Chicago and the meal compared very favorably, especially for the price of the meal. Their pastas were perfectly al dente with great fresh sauce. The bolognese and arrabiata were excellent. Veal and branzino were excellent. The veal has a nice sauce and mashed potatoes were perfect choice. The branzino has crispy skin, well seasoned and moist. It was really a good meal. For 3 people we paid 78 pounds with 2 vodka drinks each. Very good deal and somewhere I will return when I'm back in UK.

        2. Try Great Queen St just on the other side of Kingsway in Covent Garden - a few minutes walk from the theatre. Fantastic food - all seasonal with daily specials (set up by Anchor and Hope alumni)

          1. Since you are going to be near Covent Garden, you have many options. If you fancy, try Wahaca - A modern, friendly Mexican with street food vibed menu and reasonable prices. Steak tacos are the best but the burritos will fill you right up (and get some guacamole.. and some pork scratchings...). Thomasina who won Masterchef in 06/07 opened this joint.

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            1. re: doralam

              Thanks for the Wahaca recommendation. I read about the place in another thread and it got slammed. Should I be aware of anything about this place?

              1. re: felizglfr

                I wasn't impressed when I went there a couple of months ago - we had the 'Wahaca selection' and everything was pretty bland. Good margaritas though! You may need to queue depending on how busy it is - I think we had to wait about half an hour

                1. re: felizglfr

                  There is a chance that there will be a queue due to their no-bookings policy. The larger dishes (burritos) are not as impressive as the smaller dishes like tacos and quesadillas. They do great salsa, guaca and pork scratchings though, and a wide selection of drinks and tequila, but don't bother with the churros.

                  Although I have never been to Brazil, I suspect the food here is quitened down from it's inspiration, so don't expect a 10/10 meal.

                  Their main strength is that the food is good for the value in their location and with their lively atmosphere.

                  1. re: doralam

                    Just double checking, but I believe Wahaca is Mexican, not Brazilian?

                    1. re: limster

                      Yes it is Mexican not Brazilian. Named after the phonetic pronounciation of Oaxaca a food focused town in Mexico and the food is certainly Mexican. Although, Doralam I do agree with your other comments.

                      1. re: limster

                        correct - Mexican street food

                        1. re: pj26

                          thanks you guys. we got there around 5:35, seated at 6pm and left at about 620. it was exactly what we wanted - quick service. in all honesty, the food was pretty bad. i ordered some pork tacos, guac(which was the best tasting thing) and an enchilada. as others have said, the only thing good about this place is the atmosphere, the space, the quick service and the price point. nevertheless, it was good to try it out anyway.

                2. Hope it's ok to reactivate this thread. I'm looking for somewhere in Holborn (ideally as close to the station / Kingsway as possible) for a solo dinner tonight. I was planning to visit Asadal or Sushi Hiroba but have been put off by mixed reviews, mainly about the service. Any budget or cuisine is fine, anything Asian is a plus. Any ideas?

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                  1. re: DollyDagger

                    Shanghai Blues is very close to the station - I havent been for a while but it's generally pretty good.
                    Or the Japanese on the corner of Southampton Row and Theobalds Road, which also isn't far from the station is very good (but I cant remember the name I'm afraid).