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Dec 15, 2008 02:51 PM

Chicken Shawerma, Hummus & Lemon Garlic Potatoes to Die for at Gourmet Express in Milpitas

I'm sure most restaurants are feeling the economic pinch right now, but I *know* Gourmet Express is Milpitas is feeling it. I ate lunch there on Friday and the owner was telling me business had slowed to a pace that has her really worried. Please, I beseech you all to eat the terrific garlicky chicken shawerma, hummus, and lemon garlic potatoes there now (the chicken shawerma platter with 4 sides is $9.50 and totally worth it; the sandwich is $6.75) so I can continue getting my fix. The menu also includes great falafel, baba ganoosh, and house-made baklava).

It's only open weekdays from 11-3 (they're considering opening a few nights a week after the holidays). And they're right near the intersection of Hwy 237 and I-880 so it's a quick drive on Hwy 237 if you work in Silicon Valley (it actually takes me about the same amount of time to drive there than El Camino Real from my work next to Hwy 101).

Bland Name Hides Super Flavorful and Garlicky Middle Eastern Food at Gourmet Express in Milpitas

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  1. They seem to have a special currently - buy any one dish and get the 2nd dish 1/2 off

    Gourmet Express
    463 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035

    1. This place sounds like a place where I could cure my Middle Eastern food hangover I have from a recent two-month stay in Syria (I have a bad feeling I've been spoiled.) I wish it were closer to me, tho'

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        Hey, jojo ... glad to see you posting ... happy 2009. I hope you'll share some of your Syrian experiences on the International boards. There are always too many questions there and not enough reports. I guess there's not much Middle Eastern in Vallejo, eh? Seriously I can't think of any until you get to Berkeley/Albany. You might give Zaki Kabob House in Albany a whirl if you can't get down to Milpitas. Turkish Kitchen in Berkely is pretty good too. There are some places on SF if you are still frequenting that area.

      2. Just wanted to let anyone know that Gourmet Express is now opening for dinner on Fridays until 8 p.m. Since they're only open for lunch otherwise, it's a great way to try Gourmet Express if you work too far away at lunch.

        It may be best to call to make sure they're still open when you go. Some nights if no one's there they may close earlier.

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          I just ate lunch at Gourmet Express today - I can't stay away for long - and found out they'd discontinued Friday dinner. With their office park location dinner's a pretty tough sell.

          Anyway, they still serve great food at a great price for lunch. I declared today that their baba ganoosh is the best I've ever had anywhere.