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I want to buy some quince!

Anyone have a grocery store or ethnic food market near them that is still selling quince? My favorite grocery store, Dean's Produce in Millbrae, had them up until a month or so ago, at which point they told me that the season's over -- I'm no quince-grower, but I think the season goes a few months yet, and as I'm hoping to make some quince jam for stocking-stuffers, I'd love it if some other 'hounds could hook me up with a recent quince-sighting around the city.... (Ideally I'd like to find them at a small ethnic food store, and not some schnazzyfazzy market -- but given that I'm not finding them anywhere, I'll take any suggestions you have... thanks!)

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  1. Sorry. I'm looking out the window at my fruit-less almost-leafless tree. Quinces do store well, but even so I doubt you'll find any. Maybe use apples instead?

    1. Last week (12/6) they still had them at Alemany Farmer's Market.

      Kuk Jea Market
      2350 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City, CA

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        Dave, is the Alemany Farmer's Market different from Kuk Jea? I ask because I called Kuk Jea, and they said they didn't carry them (I even had a friend ask in Korean, because they didn't know what I was talking about when I asked about quince)... Still searching....

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          Oops. Yes, totally different.

          I had tagged Kuk Jea since I thought I had seen them there....but then I deleted that part of the post, but I guess I forgot to untag it. Sorry for the confusion.

          Alemany Farmer's Market is the Saturday market in SF.

      2. Sorry but I saw them at Frog Hollow at the "schnazzyfazzy market " at Ferry Plaza last Saturday.

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          Don't get me wrong, Wally -- I'm a hardcore shnazzyfazzyphile. But I'm thinking bulk here, and am front-ending this stuff with enough sugar to kill a horse, so am thinking the Ferry's finest might be more than I need.... Thanks, though.

        2. A couple days ago I saw a huge pile of them at Monterey Market in Berkeley. Hopefully, someone closer will show up.

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              Monterey Foods
              1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707, USA

              Monterey Foods
              1550 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94707

          1. I've seen pineapple quince at Bi-Rite within the past week.

            1. Thank you all so much! I'll be calling around, driving around, and hopefully making some quince jam....

              1. There are some in Milk Pail in Mountain View. They don't look as good as a few weeks ago but they're fine. I made some quince jelly myself with them.

                Milk Pail Market
                2585 California St, Mountain View, CA

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                1. re: Emilie.

                  They still have 'em. I bought some today.

                2. Well, I seem to be quite wrong! Do you all think these are local quinces that have been hanging around or are they from elsewhere?

                  1. Whole Foods in SF still has quince. Don't know if it's local, though.

                    1. I don't think you're wrong, exactly, Glencora -- but I think we're perched right on the cusp of the season. The main variety for quince in these parts is the Pineapple (most of the ones we see are grown south of Fresno), and supposedly the season runs from August into January or February -- but in those last two months I think they're only coming from South America, and so only available at specialty stores....

                      1. In case anyone else is looking, I just found some good ones for 2.99 a pound at Noriega Produce, out in the Outer Sunset.

                        Noriega Produce
                        3821 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA

                        1. And -- last update, I promise -- I found some even cheaper ones at El Chico # 4, also in the Sunset. 1.99 a pound.

                          El Chico Produce Market 4
                          2965 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                          1. Berkeley Bowl had a big stack of them this evening. California grown. $1.69/lb.

                            1. I'm a little confused by "Quince season"
                              A girlfriend of mine in Sausalito has a tree that bears a good amount of fruit but it seems to bear it at a different time each year. I've seen ripe fruit as early as mid-October and as late as early January and it never seems to be the same from year to year.
                              Nonetheless, poached in some white wine with ginger, turbinado sugar and
                              a little blood orange peel they are exceptional, and the syrup cooks down to a heavenly glaze.

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                                that (yr quince-poaching) sounds awesome, jungleboy. and if she's got extra in mid-January this year, I'm buying....

                              2. I noticed some okay-looking quinces today at Casa Lucas on 24th St. 79 cents each, grown in California.