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Best Wings In NYC?

I am trying to figure out where to find the best wings in NYC. I have yet to try any that can stand up to my personal favorites (Dean's original at the Forge in Lanesboro, MA), but I refuse to believe that there is a food that someone in New York hasn't perfected. Please advise me.

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      1. Blondie's is my local sportsbar and my archnemesis. I find the wings greasy and heatless, insults to wingdom, and yet they regularly come up as one of the Top 2 wings in the city. My vote goes for 1849: meaty man-sized wings with a firm exterior and sheer joy inside.

        1. The wings at Nolita House are great. Not greasy or fatty.

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            I think these guys have the best chicken wings in the city...


            144 W. 19th St., New York, NY 10011
            nr. Seventh Ave.

          2. Just today in Grub Street they posted this:

            I would also add Buffalo Wild Wings in the Atlantic Mall - only if you get them the hottest possible. Otherwise, they're just ok.

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              grub street did not have much of a sample size. my statistics prof would have a fit over the winner garnering 5 votes. Good resource though.

            2. Atomic Wings, east village location has always done me right. They are textbook, hot and pungent with vinegar-based hot sauces of the Frank's or Texas Pete variety.

              1. Croxley's honey hot wings.

                Ave B and 3rd.

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                    Thirded, also they have regular wing specials, a good beer selection and a nice outside area...

                      1. Central Bar
                        109 E 9th St

                        The rest of the menu seems like average bar food, but the wings are unreal. Extraordinarily meaty. delicious sauce. A wing that really sets itself apart from the competition. You wont be disappointed.

                        Oh, and they have 25c wings during all NFL games. Though this is the type of sports bar that is much more likely to have soccer on teh screens.

                        1. Haven't found great Buffalo wings in NYC since the demise of Scruffy Duffy's, but I know that Blondie's, Croxley, Atomic, and Tebaya aren't it. (Tebaya is a Japanese style wing, and mine were slightly rancid when I had them.) Still don't understand why people tend to list Blondie's as a favorite wing spot--3 disappointing trips there were enough for me!

                          Thanks for the tips for 1849 and Central Bar.I'll have to try them.

                          Also, NYC Food Guy had a recent wing roundup with substantive analysis (and additional reader comments). His standout was the Blind Tiger Ale House on Bleecker. That's also on my "to try" list now!

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                            I didn't know Scruffy's closed, but you can get those EXACT wings at Lansdowne Road at 44th and 10th. Same owners, they even list it on the menu as the "famous Scruffy Duffy wings"

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                              The wings at Lansdowne are NOT even close to what Scruffy's used to serve, despite what the menu says. I know this from firsthand experience, and others have confirmed. Definitely different (and inferior) wings at Lansdowne.

                              The owner may be the same, but the chef/cook is not (I asked), and the sauce is not the same either. This saddens me, but it's true. The Landsdowne wings taste nothing like the old Scruffy wings.

                            1. I don't really eat wings often, but Brother Jimmy's on 38th or so has good wings surprisingly to me.

                              1. maybe not best in city, and certainly overpriced, but damned yummy ones at angel's share - so you can have really good wings with great cocktails

                                1. Try something different - go to Rack & Soul on Broadway & 109th. you get 6 of the biggest, meatiest wings.

                                  These aren't "Buffalo style," but Southern barbecue. Trust me. You will love. (I was wondering at first why you only get 6 - thought it was a rip - then I saw them, and ate them. 6 is MORE than enough. Enjoy!

                                  Rack & Soul
                                  258 West 109th St., New York, NY 10025

                                  1. I don't know if they are the best but Bar 89 ion Mercer has great wings! the buck n wings are awesome! also, for boneless spicy wings I would go to McFadden's on 2nd and 42nd....really awesome

                                    1. Have you tried International Wings Factory in Upper East Side.Our quest for best wings ended here. :-)

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                                        orangefoodie: Thank You for turning me on to INTERNATIONAL WINGS FACTORY, First Avenue between 91st & 92nd St. Tiny place (mostly take out and delivery), but delving into those delectable wings on site, in this wing haven, will have you floating out the door in divine ecstasy. Worth the trek. (The 86th St. crosstown bus route begins around the corner).


                                        Vietnamese Chile Mango w/creamy cilantro dipping sauce, a little more mild than Coastal Pepper (blend of Hawaiian fruits & Caribbean Jerk)...OMG....perfect to my palate. Sweet Potato Fries are a wonderful surprise.

                                        Tomorrow, I'll try boneless Soul Purifier (their hottest, but not crazy hot) w/Blue Cheese dipping.

                                        INTERNATIONAL WINGS FACTORY ended my quest for the best & verified that my recent wings habit is no longer temporary. Can't wait to go back for more!

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                                          Coastal Pepper is still my favorite, along with boneless Buffalo Soul Purifier w/Blue Cheese dip (more like large chunks of white meat chicken coated with signature Soul Purifier coating--no problem, whatsoever)!

                                          If you are a Buffalo Girl or Boy, this is the place for you (with different levels of spice coatings).

                                          Still entranced with Dinosaur BBQ's grilled Garlic-Chipolte wings, Coastal Pepper at International Wings Factory is a fab favorite. IWF caters to different palates with your choice of 13 different coatings & 4 dips.

                                      2. Yunan on the lower eastside on Clinton street has this dish of chicken wings made w tongue numbing spices-not spicy hot where you find it unpleasant, but really numbs your tongue in an unusual way. I always get that as a starter along w the black fungus dish. Everything there is great!

                                        1. Mighty Quinn has great wings in an excellent sweet/spicy sauce. I order them most every time I go there.

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                                            agreed - the MQ wings are terrific (one time they were excessively salty but otherwise they have been pretty consistently great).

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                                              with the absence of RUB, Mighty Quinn's wings are my favorite, too. Dinosaur's are great, also.

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                                                "Consistently great"...Agreed. Unfortunately, my MIGHTY QUINN wings were oversalted today--ruined my palate. Couldn't eat them; got credit. Then I turned around, and the pommes frites were oversalted too! Don't let them get away with this!

                                                It's best to request NO extra salt upon placing your order, so this doesn't happen to you....

                                                1. re: ZaZa

                                                  Today I was informed by a reliable source: MQ does not sprinkle additional salt on their wings. This was probably an inadvertent error when my pommes frites were being salted.

                                                  It's rather amusing to know what cured the salt aftertaste that lingered on my tongue for six days: DINO's Tango Wango & Garlic Chipolte Wings! (Their blue-cheese dip certainly had a curative effect in this matter).

                                              2. re: Pan

                                                MIGHTY QUINN (Second Avenue & 6th St.) is ultimate perfection of the spice wing--one of the very best in NYC. Smoked, then fried (thought it was grilled, but it's fried) with chili-lime sauce & garnish of scallion, cilantro, and sesame seed.

                                                To date, they don't provide a dipping sauce to complement the spice of the wing (other than their BBQ sauce). These wings will really spark your flight with an admirable brew list, but they need to provide a dipping sauce for their perfect wing.

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                                                  For the record, I'm perfectly happy with them the way they are. And yeah, they do have good beer, too, which is just the thing to drink with barbecue.

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                                                    You know MIGHTY QUINN is good, when you see five NYC firemen lined up at the counter for their take-out lunch. (Previous years,I've been more used to seeing our NYC Fire Dept. heroes over at Western Beef buying their own to grill themselves).

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                                                      Actually, no dipping sauce is necessary for MIGHTY QUINNS perfection of the spicy wing--it's that good. Just left their new West Village location in complete ecstasy & decided they really deserve an award for their utmost perfection of the spicy wing.

                                                      MIGHTY QUINNS new West Village location: 75 Greenwich Avenue, near 7th Avenue, between Bank & 11th Streets.

                                                  2. The Stanley Cup finals put me into a temporary wings habit. After several attempts--including Brother Jimmy's, Wogies, and Brass Monkey--I can only recommend DINOSAUR BBQ's garlic-chipotle wings (if you like spice); they are my absolute favorite.

                                                    However, this necessitates a bike ride up to 125th St.; hence, the occasional tries elsewhere that were not satisfying. DINOSAUR's jerk wings were a disappointment. NEGRIL used to provide fierce jerk wings, when they were on 23rd St. To date, I have not yet tried them at their Third St. location.

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                                                      Updated: INTERNATIONAL WINGS FACTORY. This is as good as it gets!

                                                      Still love Dino's garlic-chipotle grilled wings, and Negril's grilled jerk (of course); however, the IWF ended my quest for the best w/many varieties...fried, but they'll keep you flying!!!

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                                                        VIRGILS is perfection of the Wing with a delectable dipping sauce with blue cheese that is the very best I've had anywhere. VIRGILS (44th St. between Avenue of the Americas) is as good as it gets. VIRGILS grilled wings, which apparently "takes hours" to prepare, are my ultimate recommendation in NYC, along with a side order of greens. Trust me on this one....

                                                      2. re: ZaZa

                                                        Updated: VIRGILS BBQ & MIGHTY QUINN also provide the ultimate wing experience in NYC.

                                                      3. Wingbar on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. They are amazing, and I'm normally not a big . Whisky Soda also has great Thai style wings.

                                                        1. They're not traditional, but the Caesar wings at Alder are great.

                                                          1. My question is,
                                                            how come some wings are as big as drum sticks and some wings are much smaller(maybe the normal size). It's hard to order wings these days by numbers.

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                                                              Its like the old Smith's song goes.


                                                              Some Chickens are bigger than others, some chicken's mothers are bigger than other chicken's mothers!

                                                            2. VIRGILS, MIGHTY QUINN, DINOSAUR BBQ...trust me on this....after mucho tasting, these are my absolute favorites.

                                                              1. Amy Ruth's.

                                                                They actually taste like (wait for it) ... chicken!

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                                                                  Not too salty? Their smothered chicken is too salty for me. Have had it a couple of times.

                                                                  My palate does not appreciate excessive salt.

                                                                  I'm going to be up there tomorrow. Will be less than a half block away! So, please let me know.

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                                                                    No, not at all. In fact, it's a bit on the bland side, and if you eat it by itself (as opposed to smothered or honey-dipped) it sort of begs for their hot sauce (Crystal, not that vinegary Tobasco stuff).

                                                                    I like their wings because the skin is crispy and light (not greasy), with a good toothsome crunch, and the meat is moist.

                                                                    Plus, the thing tastes of chicken. Not BBQ sauce, not secret sauce, not spicy buffalo sauce, but chicken.

                                                                    Is that so much to ask for? (Rant over).

                                                                    1. re: ipsedixit

                                                                      So, how do you suggest I order the wings at Amy Ruth's. I like spicy. Do they make Crystal, or is it in a bottle?

                                                                      Maybe I can order them smothered and ask them hold back the salt, which I can always add myself, if necessary.

                                                                      At Dinosaur, my favorite wings are garlic-chipolte. I also like the wings plain with Devil's Duel sauce on the side.

                                                                      Have been mesmerized by the idyllic spicy wings from Mighty Quinn, so Amy Ruth's can't let me down; I love that place.

                                                                      1. re: ZaZa

                                                                        Can't really say how you should have your wings, but the Crystal is not housemade.

                                                                        1. re: ipsedixit

                                                                          When I'm there, I'll check it out. Looks like I might even get uptown earlier than expected. That will be a surprise! Thank You.

                                                                          1. re: ZaZa

                                                                            Actually, if they serve the wings honey dipped, they will be good with a waffle.

                                                                            1. re: ZaZa

                                                                              Yes, they are. Chicken and waffles. Classic.

                                                                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                                                                Thanks ipsedixit. AMY RUTH'S honey-dipped wings & waffle--absolutely delectable! Yes, they are amongst the very best in NYC--a great close to my wing fest. "OMG--to die for" were the words going through my mind.

                                                                                Due to numerous comments, they've attended to the matter of excessive salt in their smothering gravy. Oh boy, what joy!

                                                                                I meant to go there last Tuesday but somehow ended up at DINOSAUR. Unexpectedly walked into Karaoke for the first time ever; Karaoke (and wings) in Harlem is a phenomenal experience.

                                                                                1. re: ZaZa

                                                                                  Good to hear.

                                                                                  I'll have to stop by Dinosaur sometime ...