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Dec 15, 2008 02:16 PM

what do you do with dried strawberries?

I'm head over heels in love with dried strawberries. (I'm sure my husband doesn't mind as I'm certain he loves cheese more than me anyway). I love Ina Garten's dried strawberry scones, but would like to think of something I can give away for the holidays. Scones don't stay yummy long enough. I'm thinking of a white chocolate or dark chocolate bark. Any other ideas? I'd love a cookie if you've got one. (no, literally... hand it over)

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  1. honestly? i've never been able to bring myself to use them in a recipe - i've always felt they were too delicious and valuable to enjoy in any other way besides eating out of hand!

    1. I put dried strawberries in my weekend oatmeal to make it extra special. (The weekday oatmeal has dried blueberries and cranberries.) So perhaps they would be good in oatmeal cookies?

      But I'm with GHG - I mostly just eat them plain. If you're very wealthy, you could just give everyone a little bag of dried strawberries...


      1. Homemade strawberry granola.

        1. LOL.

          No. You're not getting my cookie!


          I've used them in just about anything in which I use other dried fruits.

          Let's see, though. For a Christmas gift... I like the bark. Or you could do fudge. I've use a trail mix with dried strawberries in it, in muffins and quickbreads. I think that particular trail mix also has pistachios, sunflower seed, dried apricots. Could you make up a muffin, quickbread or scone mix for someone with the directions? I like chocolate chip cookies with cranberries, so, for your purposes, why not cookies with white chocolate chips or dark and the strawberries?

          I also sometimes use dried strawberries in a simple spinach salad. I don't know if that's wierd or not, but I like it. So I was wondering if there's some kind of vinaigrette kit you could put together? Strawberries are good with balsamic.

          It's hard to think of things that will keep for a while. If they were going to consume the gift right away, I could probably come up with some much better ideas.

          1. I add them to my muesli recipe and they go wonderfully.