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Dec 15, 2008 02:06 PM

Prime Italian -- Miami Beach

Prime Italian is open now, which is basically an Italian place by the same people as Prime 112 -- It's located across the street from Prime 112.

Here is a menu I found online:

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  1. Ate there two weeks ago. Decided to head to Prime 112 at the last minute but could not get in, and the hostess recommended trying their new restaurant, Prime Italian. It was excellent. Same great service, drinks, and food as the original, but with an Italian flair. Definitely highly recommended and right now, its much easier to obtain a table!

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      Yeah great, the Italian restaurant that was there was very nice and moderately priced and now "Prime" took it over and you have the great pleasure of paying $35 bucks for a plate of pasta...yuck!

    2. Passed by yesterday and went in. As NiKoLe mentioned, it's still pretty easy to get in. We were seated immediately (no reservations). The restaurant was full, but not uncomfortable. Accoustics are great. You hear the background noise but we had no problems holding a conversation throughout the night. Decor is interesting. It has many of the same elements as Prime 112, but rather than feel cozy, it carries a modern vibe. All this comes together with the large red (and comfortable) chairs.

      We went with the intent of enjoying cocktails and perhaps a couple of appetizers, but surprise surprise ordered too much food. The meal begins with a soft fluffy bread stuffed with garlic and toasted with mozzarella, which then comes with a homemade tomato sauce. Menu, as you can see above, is a variation of Prime 112, with some Italian thrown in. The three of us ordered the day's prosciutto, which came with grilled figs, parmesan, arugula and a two long slices of toasted ?baguette?. Prosciutto was melt in your mouth and the figs were great. We also ordered the heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad (great); the four-cheese potato lasagna, which was akin to a perfectly made scalloped potato/gratin, that surprisingly did not feel to heavy as you ate it; polenta fries with homemade spicy ketchup (definitely recommend), and the czar ball, which was enormous, over-the top and exquisite.

      I glanced at the wine list and it seemed ok. Not a huge list, about 3x mark-up and a good selection of Italian wines, many of which I was not familiar with. I typically byob to Prime 112 anyhow. The drinks menu was pretty much like Prime 112, the big difference was the inclusion of "icytinis", basically spiked Italian ices. If you've ever had the slushies in Epcot's France Pavilion, you can understand how addicting these can be. I do typically find that P112's drinks are slightly unbalanced. My favorite however, was a pink grapefruit w/absolute ruby red, st. germain and cranberry juice.

      Service was good, but a bit helter-skelter. Our server was a giant of a man that has served me before in P112, and while he did a great job last night, it was evident the place is still not running quite as well oiled as they'd like. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and my only complaint is that I had dinner beforehand. If you're a fan of the straightforward and solid fare P112 offers, you'll enjoy this as well, otherwise, they're too similar to like one and not the other.

      We never made it to dessert.

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        Thanks for the review, sounds good!