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Where's the best BBQ place or other restaurant in South Mississippi, especially south of Jackson?

Where's the best BBQ place or other restaurant that should not be missed in South Mississippi, especially south of Jackson, such as Hattiesburg, Mendenhall, Brookhaven, McComb, Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, Pascagoula, etc?

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  1. Letha's in Hattiesburg used to be the place, but I've heard it has gone downhill since she died. The Shed BBQ in Vancleave is pretty good.

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      Thanks. The name Leatha's always seems to come up. I'll have to try it and see if it's good. I've heard the Shed is pretty bad.

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        My parent's home is just a few miles from The Shed. Many people love the place - I don't. I find the rub Very sweet. I'm redneck enuf to have a good time there.

        On Telephone Road, near the Pascagoula-Moss Point border, an African American church serves cue plates to go on weekends. That food's got soul!

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        You were dead on Tennreb. Leatha's is just plain bad...

        I'll try the grandson's place next time through.

        I won't be back to Leatha's.

      3. I last visited Leatha's last May and it was killer,as usual.Another great stop would be at Que Korner in Foxworth-west of Leatha's on US98 about 25 miles.The owner is Leatha's grandson,I believe.He was her pitmaster in Hattiesburg before he moved back to Foxworth to open his own place.Definitely worth a stop.1971 US 98W (866) 658-5694.

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          Thanks. I'll look both of these places up.

        2. While Lethea's was better when it was down by the tracks outside of Columbia, the sauce is still the same and the ribs are still very tasty. The Que Korner is good too, but you might as well stick to Lethea's and not drive the extra miles for what amounts to the same BBQ.

          1. Not BBQ, but the Dinner Bell in McComb is a great experience.

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              Also not BBQ, but the Back Door Cafe in Columbia is probably the best restaurant in the Pine Belt.

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                + 1 I've eaten at the Dinner Bell in McComb for years....The new owner is an old friend, and doing an excellent job. ....Stop by for lunch....You'll be glad you did!!!


              2. The Purple Parrott in Hattiesburg is not BBQ but it's one of the best between Jackson and the coast. I can cook better BBQ than most places can it's just a lot of trouble. Leatha's is terrible.


                1. I pretty much centered a road trip from Atlanta to go to Leatha's not only because of the great acclaim but because I am a natve of Green Bay, WI and this place plays an homage to Brett Favre and is touted as some of the best cue coast to coast. I changed my travel plans when a snapshot of the menu phrased they were closed on Monday and that was to be the day of my dining ( i got the snapshot about 1:00 in the AM when i was leaving that morning to start my Gulf Coast eating adventure). I changed my whole route down to the coast from Atlanta so i could partake on Tuesday. My first impression was yummy smoke smell and an incredible shed in which the pit is housed.. awesome. The place is a shack and for cue that is right on. I came in after lunch and there were only a few tables dining. The girl serving the room left me sit alone mind you for about 10 minutes when i assumed i had messed up the order process and went up to the stand near the kitchen, my thinking was it must be an order window joint and not a full service. The girl told me " I was going to come over to you" i chalked it up to the slow style of life that drives the deep south. I placed my order for ribs and bbq beef, mind you the cost of that entree was higher than the brunch joint i went to here in the ATL Sunday in which the valet stand and parking lot were littered with cars worth not only what a good middle class year commands and cars that were pimped to the point that my I twitched at the mere site of them.. another story i know. Once i began to be served my xxxtra sweet tea and order fired in the kitchen i felt better. I was first served my slaw; add 1 part sugar to 1 part already sweet honey mustard,,, viola. When my meat and beans came we were off and ready to roll. The ribs although sweet were great, thebeef was like my Moms roast (read mediocre) with the super sweet sauce in the coffee mug. The beans were great and to be acknowledged but overall i would excpect to get this cue from 5 minutes away and not 5 hours. This place is worth it if you live close, but do not foodie travel to it. Pretty good food but a PR house that Ms. Leatha did a better job marketing than cooking cue.

                  1. Ate Leatha's for the first time yesterday, July 22, 2009. And IMHO, some of the best Q I've had. Not alot of smoky flavor to the meat, but the overall flavor was divine, and the sauce sweet - the way I like it. And to clear up the rumor from @tennreb from last December, Ms. Leatha IS NOT DEAD. Her daughter told me yesterday she did have a stroke a month of so ago, but is doing ok.

                    Will return and will recommend to anyone wanting good barbecue in Mississippi.

                    As for the Shed, another worthwhile stop if you are near the MS Gulf Coast. You can't go wrong.

                    1. AtlChef-Wondering what you consider to be BBQ worth traveling to if Leatha's does't come up to your Wisconsin standards?

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                      1. Stricks Original Bar-B-Q in Hattiesburg. Great ribs and chicken. Near USM.

                        1. Louise's Open Pit in Crystal Springs. Very unique sauce. Get a rib combo with pork steak.

                          See here for a review: http://carpejackson.com/2010/01/18/lo...

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                            I finally found the best place. It is The Mercantile in Collins. It was by far the best out of the many places I tried. Their ribs are absolutely perfect.