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Dec 15, 2008 01:37 PM

Christmas Eve/Day Dining in Dallas

Any recommendations for Holiday Dinner Specials or Prix Fixe Menus at restaurants in Dallas? It doesn't have to be a traditional Christmas Dinner...any ideas would be great! I've checked Guidelive (mostly hotels) and Pegasus (couldn't find anything). Thanks in advance!

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  1. We're going to Arthur's on Christmas eve.....

    the menu looks wonderful...and I know from past visits the food and service are excellent...they are also going to have music/ it should be a fun little celebration.

    1. Last year we took our whole family to Chuy's on Knox we ate and ate a lot of us live away from Dallas now so The Mexican fix was welcome, then we walked around the area to do last min. shopping.

      1. Along similar lines, would everybody agree with me that the Asian restaurants in Garland and Richardson will be open on Christmas day?

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          They were all open on Thanksgiving, so I would guess they will be open on Christmas as well.

        2. We (4 Adults and 2 Children) have dined at Chamberlain's Fish Market the last 3 Christmas Eve's and we really like it as not terribly crowed, quiet, food is always good, and it is relatively reasonable for the quality IMO. Going back this year.