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Dec 15, 2008 12:55 PM

Where do I get really good feta in SF?

After having eaten really good feta at the Greek Food Festival, the feta I get from the supermarket just tastes like paste. Where can I get really good feta in San Francisco?

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  1. Parkside Market, 16th and Taraval. Not only do they have it, they have a selection. Also, they pita bread is always fresh and they have a wide variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods and spices and a low price vegetable section. The feta is sold by country of origin, I find even their Bulgarian is really good. If you don't live nearby, the L streetcar goes right by. There's a terrific meat market (Guerra's) one block away.

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      I'm not a feta expert, by any means, but I do love good feta -- and my favorite store for it is a tiny grocery store in Millbrae [I know, not in SF proper] called Dean's Produce, at 451 Broadway (not far from my favorite place for dumplings, the Shanghai Dumpling Shop). They have at least three kinds of super-authentic and super-tasty feta cheeses, sitting in tubs. (The market is one of my favorites, in general -- amazing prices and fantastic produce -- worth getting off the 101 for when you're passing through, or picking someone up at SFO.)

    2. There is always feta in my house. Parkside Market is a good source. 22nd and Irving Market also has an extensive selection of feta - Greek, Bulgarian, French and Domestic. The Bulgarian in very good, definitely the saltiest of the bunch. I like to cook with for that very reason - use it for dips, bake it in phyllo, crumble on salads. For the table alongside some olives, French Valbreso brand is my favorite - great flavor, creamy, but doesn't fall apart. It's available at the stores mentioned as well as Costco.

      I've never tried a domestic feta that I like, but open to suggetions.

      1. sounds like Parkside Market is the place to go - i'll have to check it out - thanks!

        1. rainbow has an excellent selection of cheeses--i'd check that out if it's close to you.

          not sure about the feta selection, but when i went there last weekend to find farmer's cheese for pierogis (having found nothing elsewhere) rainbow had three different types.

          Rainbow Grocery
          1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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            Rainbow does have a great cheese department. I noticed farmer cheese yesterday at Canyon Market btw.

            Most Middle Eastern-owned groceries have decent feta. This includes Parkside and the 22nd and Irving store but also Semirami's.

            Javier at Bodega Cheese Company (Ferry Plaza on Saturdays in the back by Della Fattoria) makes a lovely queso fresco, if you want a fresh domestic option.

          2. Royal Market a new Armenian-Russian market on Geary (a few doors down from Joe's Ice Cream) trays with three types of feta when I was there on Saturday. If you are there, be sure to pick up the Armenian pizza which is some sort of garlic spread on the best, most pillowy, softest, freshest pita I've ever had.

            Haven't had the feta yet, but a lot of what I bought was very good.