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Dec 15, 2008 12:48 PM

Best Chef's Table

I'm looking to arrange a great chef's table experience for my husband. What are some of the nicest and most interesting chef's tables in Boston? The level of service and intimacy of the experience is more important than the type of food, but he particularly enjoys innovative French (think Pigalle). Also how much do chef's tables usually cost relative to a regular tasting menu? Any suggestions?

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  1. the only one i've been to is 10 tables. i loved it; you are right up on the kitchen and it's great fun to watch them work. last i recall, they don't charge extra for this table.

    1. The window into Lespalier's kitchen, between Lord and Taylor and Prudential place. I was entranced, trying to figure what they were creating.....and it was free~

      1. The new space at Craigie on Main means a table very close to the kitchen. It's not in the kitchen itself, if that's what you're looking for, but it would qualify for innovative French. Tasting menu is $80 for six course; $115 for 10 courses, unless you go after 9pm on Sunday nights and get the Chef's Whim for I think $40 or so.

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          Craigie has what they call "ringside" seating, a four-seat countertop looking into the kitchen. We went recently and had a phenomenal time; the spectacle was riveting, and the food was as delicious and prodigiously prepared as ever. But be warned it's not especially intimate, and it's anything but relaxing.

          This was a crazy, frenetic kitchen, still finding its feet with the increased volume of orders in its new space. Everyone, kitchen staff, dining room staff, and Tony Maws himself, was friendly and knowledgeable, but there was definitely a feeling of barely-controlled chaos pervading the operation. I loved every minute of this, and for my personal tastes, this is now *the* chef's table experience in the city, but it's important to understand it's probably not for everyone.

        2. Via Matta has a chef's table right in the kitchen. I have not been but reports have been quite favorable.

          Via Matta
          79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

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            I went to 2 parties there about 3 years ago.

            It was my understanding that the city of Boston cracked down on having people IN the actual kitchen and when this happened Via Matta closed the kitchen to the public. Now as most of the posts above confirm, I think it's mostly a table near the chef or looking INTO the kitchen as opposed to an actual chef's table.

          2. Posted two days ago on

            Front & Center at The L'Espalier Chef's Table
            Get ready for an up-close and personal dining experience at the brand new Chef's Table at L'Espalier. Lucky diners can watch the magic unfold right from the thick of things in the heart of the bustling Boylston Street kitchen. Chef-owner Frank McClelland and his right hand man James Hackney will present guests with an unforgettable menu - prepared right before their very eyes. Here's the hitch - they only seat one party per evening (excluding Sundays) and there's only enough room for groups of two or three. Call 617.262.3023 to get your name on the list asap for this totally unique dining experience.

            POSTED: 12/17/08