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Dec 15, 2008 12:07 PM

Creative recipes using lots of jam / fruit-spread?

I love jams and always buy too much. Blueberry, lingonberry, rosehip, fig, even lemon curd, you name it. Not really a routine butter-and-jam-on-toast person, however, I end up consuming very little jam apart from the occasional mix-in with plain yogurt (or, even more rarely, pairing with poultry). I'm not really a baker, either, but am willing to work harder at it given the right jam-heavy recipe! Any suggestions?

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  1. Use it in other savory dishes too. Pork and duck (not so much chicken like you mentioned) work especially work well with fruit. Jams & fruit spreads make a nice base for glazes.

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      Haagen, I use some of the less sweet varieties as glazes for chicken and they work very well. I'm talking about flavors such as ginger preserves (use that often) or the marmelades. I like apricot with chicken, too, but I usually cut it with something like a little bit of Sherry vinegar. A Grapefruit marmelade glaze works well with swordfish. I know it can be a matter of personal taste, but I agree with you re some of the sweeter, fruitier options.

    2. I made a bunch of jam thumbprint cookies over the weekend . . . nice buttery cookie and delicious w/good jam.

      1. Everyday food as a recipe for an jam/almond streusel bar cookie. Very easy to make and uses a good amount of jam.

        1. Think outside the box and use them instead of sugar whenever you think their flavor will complement your dish. I use jams all the time in salad dressings, sauces that call for a bit of sugar, etc. It can be really fun. Cali-Poutine's suggestion is good too. Google Linzer Torte recipes and sub any jam you like. Instead of the laborious lattice top I just crumble the dough for the top layer. I also increase the nuts so it is a "shorter" dough and I use more jam than called for. Cut into little squares it is almost a bar/candy cross.

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            Here's one more topping variation for jam square type cookie bars. Mix:

            4 T. melted butter
            1 c. sugar
            1 t. vanilla or almond extract
            1 egg
            4 oz. shredded coconut

            Make the bars using your favorite shortbread or graham cracker type crust, spread a layer of jam, spread the topping as the last layer, bake at 350 F for 30 minutes.

            And listen to torty. Very, very rich and sweet (delicious, though). Cut into very small squares.

          2. I just saw this recipie tonight as I was fliping though BC - I think her "at home" cookbook, but I have never made these before so I can't vouch for them...

            I did just make the blueberry coffee cake from this book and thought it was pretty poor, an ok cake, but no flavor whatsoever...Haven't made a ton from this book but what I have hasn't impressed me, and I'm a pretty big BC fan...good luck...