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Creative recipes using lots of jam / fruit-spread?

I love jams and always buy too much. Blueberry, lingonberry, rosehip, fig, even lemon curd, you name it. Not really a routine butter-and-jam-on-toast person, however, I end up consuming very little jam apart from the occasional mix-in with plain yogurt (or, even more rarely, pairing with poultry). I'm not really a baker, either, but am willing to work harder at it given the right jam-heavy recipe! Any suggestions?

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  1. Use it in other savory dishes too. Pork and duck (not so much chicken like you mentioned) work especially work well with fruit. Jams & fruit spreads make a nice base for glazes.

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      Haagen, I use some of the less sweet varieties as glazes for chicken and they work very well. I'm talking about flavors such as ginger preserves (use that often) or the marmelades. I like apricot with chicken, too, but I usually cut it with something like a little bit of Sherry vinegar. A Grapefruit marmelade glaze works well with swordfish. I know it can be a matter of personal taste, but I agree with you re some of the sweeter, fruitier options.

    2. I made a bunch of jam thumbprint cookies over the weekend . . . nice buttery cookie and delicious w/good jam.

      1. Everyday food as a recipe for an jam/almond streusel bar cookie. Very easy to make and uses a good amount of jam.

        1. Think outside the box and use them instead of sugar whenever you think their flavor will complement your dish. I use jams all the time in salad dressings, sauces that call for a bit of sugar, etc. It can be really fun. Cali-Poutine's suggestion is good too. Google Linzer Torte recipes and sub any jam you like. Instead of the laborious lattice top I just crumble the dough for the top layer. I also increase the nuts so it is a "shorter" dough and I use more jam than called for. Cut into little squares it is almost a bar/candy cross.

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            Here's one more topping variation for jam square type cookie bars. Mix:

            4 T. melted butter
            1 c. sugar
            1 t. vanilla or almond extract
            1 egg
            4 oz. shredded coconut

            Make the bars using your favorite shortbread or graham cracker type crust, spread a layer of jam, spread the topping as the last layer, bake at 350 F for 30 minutes.

            And listen to torty. Very, very rich and sweet (delicious, though). Cut into very small squares.

          2. I just saw this recipie tonight as I was fliping though BC - I think her "at home" cookbook, but I have never made these before so I can't vouch for them...

            I did just make the blueberry coffee cake from this book and thought it was pretty poor, an ok cake, but no flavor whatsoever...Haven't made a ton from this book but what I have hasn't impressed me, and I'm a pretty big BC fan...good luck...


            1. Use a fig jam on a baguette with some arugula, serrano ham, and machego for a nice sandwich.

              Put some chunky jam on bread with some cheddar cheese and make a grilled cheese sandwich.

              Mix the jam into ice cream, especially homemade ice cream.

              Peanut butter (or, in my case, almond butter) and jam sandwiches

              Use a spiced jam as an accompaniment for pork. I use a plum ketchup, personally.

              1. In the UK they make jam tarts and usually serve with hot tea or coffee. Usually the tart is near the size of a pie, but could be the small, individual sizes. The pastry shell is shallower than that of a normal pie because the jam filling is shallow. It is simply baked and served.

                1. Joy of Baking has a few good recipes that are jam heavy - one of my faves that is super easy is her Raspberry Oatmeal Bars: http://joyofbaking.com/RaspberryOatme... pat in pan crust, top with jam (raspberry or whatever you like really) top with remaining crust (with added oats) and bake.


                  1. If you like yogurt, instead of buying fruit-flavored, buy plain and add about a teaspoon of jam/jelly per serving. You'll end up consuming a lot fewer sugar carbs.

                    1. The recipe linked below from epicurious, for a Fig, Mascarpone and Pesto Torte, is really good. It calls for both fresh fig and fig preserves, but I've made it with just the fig preserves (add a little bit more if you don't have fresh figs), and it's very tasty that way as well:


                      1. I have a very different use for leftover jam and jelly - one I stumbled onto when I was in college while I was making a blender of Strawberry Daiquiris that was way too sour.

                        You can use the jelly/jam instead of sugar or simple syrup to sweeten up mixed drinks and cocktails.

                        When it gets blended up you have no clue it's there. It not only makes a too sour cocktail, drinkable, but it adds an extra layer of flavor to the drinks as well.


                        1. You can swirl jams/fruit spreads into cheesecake batter and get a nice marbling effect as well as a fruit taste.

                          You can top a cheesecake with jam or fruit spread.

                          Add to a muffin mix or place a dallop of jam in the middle of a muffin

                          Add to pancake or waffle batter or top with fruit

                          Between prepared french toast spread jam and cream cheese for a stuffed french toast.

                          Heat the jam/fruit spread just til warm and spoon over ice cream or frozen yogurt.

                          You can always add fruit spreads to smoothies or milkshakes.

                          1. Dessert crepes filled with a mixture of jam and some sort of dairy combo like sour cream and cream cheese, cream cheese and yogurt....

                            Make plain custard,rice, tapioca, or vanilla pudding and stir in jam, plus fresh fruit if available and appropriate, to create a fruit pudding.

                            Make your own jello from powdered gelatin, fruit juice, and jam.

                            I used to get annoyed when my mother, who hated clutter even in the fridge, mixed together the half-empty jars of jam and preserves and put them all in one - but sometimes she came up with a tasty combination by accident, like blueberry-peach.

                            1. Thanks for all these wonderful (and easily actualizable) suggestions. I look forward to making the glazes, the cookies, the bars, the crepes, the sweetened cocktails, and of course the tortes (lovely Linzer and otherwise). For some reason it's never occurred to me to mix jams -- but that's a great idea, and that blueberry-peach combo sounds delish indeed. And it's been years since I've indulged in the simplicity of a PB&J sandwich -- so I'm out to buy some bread....

                              1. Jam turnovers are always yummy - some good puff pastry dough and adding a dollop of jam in the middle and folding it over. Super fast and delicious. I make them regularly.

                                Not a jam heavy recipe though, sorry.