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Dec 15, 2008 12:02 PM

Visiting Del Ray/ Boca/ Boynton/ Palm Beach area - where to go?

My husband and I are coming down from NYC to visit the folks (I know, how unique right?) for Christmas, and want to spent at least one night out by ourselves, dinner and fun bars.
Can you give us suggestions of where to go for a real taste of the cuisine, and the nightlife?

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  1. Dinner, fun bars, cuisine and a taste of the nightlife?

    Well you'll want to go to Atlantic Avenue in east Delray Beach!

    Aka "The Ave".

    See lots of info and good posts here...

    and here...

    and here...

    When you come up with a plan, let us know... as some places may have closed, some new ones may be open, etc...

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      and it's Delray as in one word not two, might help you with searching!

    2. Hi, my wife and I are doing the same... we are worried about finding cool stuff and great eats down in Boynton Beach / Delray. If you're looking for compatriots for your explorations, we'd love to tag along. We'll be there from X-mas through the 30th (we're doing NYE in Miami).

      I'll check back on this thread to see if you're looking for me.