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Dec 15, 2008 11:27 AM

Seeking premium cocktails in Westchester

Are there any fine bars/restaurants with a real cocktail program in Westchester? Mixologists crafting fine libations with care? Places along the lines of NYC places like PDT, Death & Co, Pegu Club, Little Branch, Angel Share, etc.

Somewhere when I ask for a Manhattan they'll ask what type of rye, what proportion of Antica Formula Vermouth, and what type of bitters; and they'll have a whole range of bitters like Fee's Peychaud's, Regan's, Bitter Truth, Bitterman's, etc. A place that knows what a Vieux Carré is and how to make it, or a Ramos Gin Fizz. A place that squeezes the juice fresh and makes their own falernum or orgeat.

So is there?

Not some place charging $16 for a regular martini made with regular gin and vermouth, or some neon green cocktail in a glass the size of your head, but a real cocktail bar making exquisite drinks.

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  1. Wow, I'd love to find that out too. I've been here longer than Moses and haven't yet found such a place.

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    1. re: dolores

      Oooh, and a place where they will make me a genuine Sidecar?
      That would be a fine Chanukah present indeed....

      1. re: VFresser

        Well, if I ever move back to Westchester, once I have my brewery and distillery up and running, I will definitely start a fine cocktail bar. Small, nice woodwork, a dozen seat bar with padded captains chairs, a few candle lit tables, soft music from the early to mid-1900's; and no standing, seating at tables or the bar, or not at all. No loud talking or shouting. Not a pick-up spot, but a place for a couple, or 2-3 friends, to talk, relax, and enjoy fine libations.

        1. re: JMF

          JMF, it seems that there are no places as you described. I didn't think there were.

          I look forward to your return.

      2. boy, do i hear ya!

        love death and co and pdt in the city and would love to find a place up here that can come close to those places. i just moved up to rye from city and and amazed i cant find a good drink in westchester!

        if you find one - please post!

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          1. re: intrepid

            It stands for "Please Don't Tell". Since I read the "secret" in Time Out New York, I guess it's OK to tell it: go into Crif Dogs (113 St Marks Pl), enter the phone booth, and lift the receiver. Those directions are unconfirmed by me, but that's what it said. The review indicated that they make an especially good Old Fashioned.

        1. JMF: the cocktail program at the Farmhouse at Bedford Post is looking pretty promising.

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          1. re: Elizabeth Johnson

            Sounds good for those in upper westchester, but the city is actually closer to where I stay in 'Bronkers' and lower westchester than bedford is.

          2. Bumping this up. I'm all moved back to Lower Westchester and still looking for fine cocktails. Not going to be opening my own cocktail bar for a few more years since I'm focusing on other projects.

            I know that 42 at the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains is supposed to have a good cocktail menu since it was designed by a good friend and excellent mixologist, Junior Merino. Anyone been there?

            I did some online research and Blue restaurant in White Plains came up for cocktails, and and found this blurb at The Foxfire lounge in the Renaissance Westchester Hotel "Join us each night for "Renaissance Cocktail Culture"."

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              1. re: scarsdale1234

                what about 42? That wasn't very helpful.

                1. re: JMF

                  How much are their drinks, e.g., a martini?

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    The problem with this concept is that there are not enough people that will spend the money in this area on drinks of this nature AND/OR care about the quality of the drink to keep said business running. It's sad but the truth. While in NYC though check out the cocktails at Tailor---if it's still open for they filed chapter 11 a while ago--great place great food & better drinks but alas even in NYC it's tough.

                    1. re: cubanat

                      Tailor closed down quite awhile ago. Almost a year I think. I am friends with Eben Freeman who ran the bar and created the drink menu. He's been off in Asia for most of the past six months doing his magic, although I saw him a few weeks ago. He's back there again with a bunch of other friends doing a cocktail consulting tour for the next few months.

                      1. re: JMF

                        that stinks. tailor was a great resto. just bad location (to mainstream touristy) and timing. the smoked coke and bourbon was awesome as were the "solid cocktails."

                        1. re: cubanat

                          that is too bad that they closed. I wish there was a place like the original Milk and Honey in the city too. Death & Co. also.

                          1. re: christinepierce

                            Or Dutch Kills in L.I.C. , better drinks than Milk and Honey, I think cheaper. But definitely needed up here in Westchester, along with a good Thai and good Vietnamese.

            1. The original comment has been removed