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Dec 15, 2008 11:21 AM

Cooking with squash?

On a whim, I bought some squash at the farmer's market (acorn squash, and a very phallic flesh colored one.) I've never actually cooked squash before. How can you tell if its ripe? How do I prepare it? Know any good recipes?


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  1. They don't get 'ripe'. cut the acorn squash in half and fill the empty cleaned cavity w' maple syrup ,butter and some cinnamon,nutmeg or maybe some ginger and bake till soft and carmelized.

    1. I believe the flesh colored one is a Butternut Squash. As in most squash it's great roasted and also makes a wonderful soup.

      1. this acorn squash recipe is next on my "to try" list. it gets great reviews...

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          I use both Acorn and Butternut squash to make pie... instead of pumpkin.