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More on the Minimalist kitchen

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  1. If everyone took his attitude toward kitchens and stoves, half of the threads in the 'cookware' section would die a quick death :)

    1. This is the guy I apprenticed to. He'd love this.


      1. There are a couple of different issues here, though. One is specialized equipment -- and I agree, it's mostly unnecessary. But basic kitchen design -- arrangement of cabinets, equipment, work spaces, etc. can make a big difference in the cooking experience, if not the outcome. "Fancy" doesn't necessarily equal "well-designed" -- when my husband and I were house-hunting a few years ago we saw a lot of elaborate kitchens that had clearly been designed by and for people who didn't cook -- because if they did, they would never have put the refrigerator on the other side of a gigantic kitchen island from the stove and the sink (for example).