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Dec 15, 2008 10:30 AM

Desserts in Hong Kong/Kowloon? ginger milk custard etc

I am trying to locate some desserts shops that offer milk custards, sesame paste/peanut butter dumplings I do remember a place in Mong Kok along Lady's Street and another in Central that served the above mentioned desserts.

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  1. Don't know much about the milk custards as i can't drink milk.
    But i'm a big fan of the "sesame paste dumplings". These are available at every dessert cafe in hong kong. Almost any neighborhood has more than one place to choose from. Sham Shui Po, the area i live closest too has about 10 within a couple block radius.
    My personal favorite are at Luk Lam Dessert 77-79 Un Chau, it's between Kweilin and Yen Chow st. I've trued the sesame tong yuen at a couple dozen places by now, and these are still my favorite, and on the cheaper end at HK$ 10 for the usual 5 in ginger soup. here are the 2 characters to look out for, 湯圓.

    for your milk dessert, i bet the place called "Australia Dairy Company" has it. they are a chain around town and seem to have a variety of milk custard desserts.
    also "Yee Shun Milk Company".

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      thanks cairo for the lead, yes I am a fan of tong yuen. Do these dessert cafes ussually make the tong yuen from scratch? I ask becuase I have to resort to the frozen stuff here in San Francisco.

      1. re: atanger

        I am pretty sure they make them from scratch most places. But i know for a fact they do at my favorite one in sham shui po, as i watched them do it one day.
        I think some of the places in SF would make them too, but maybe not. Have you tried Kowloon Tong dessert cafe on 6th ave?

        oh, and for your ginger milk dessert, i noticed that the chain Honeymoon dessert cafe has that on their menu.

      2. re: kairo

        I went to Yee Shun when I was visiting HK. I think the original shop is in Macau. We also tried the fresh mango milk and it was really good.

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          @ kairo: do you know if Australia Dairy Company is open for breakfast?

          1. re: ulterior epicure

            Aust Dairy Co is totally open for breakfast! in fact breakfast is a bit of an institution there. it gets super busy and in the morning most people are there for their set meals (toast, macaroni in soup with ham etc.) than the "double-skinned milk" ie. milk custard, but you can still get it, just beware that service is edgy in the mornings.

            1. re: e_ting

              A local Hong Kong writer of media articles, Eric Wong, composes a business piece on Australia Diary Company with a wonderful anecdote (in Chinese)

     (you may have to sign in to read it, it's great


              Per the article, the two available set meals are priced at HK$24 and HK$28. Per the article you sit down and for the set meals, specify fried egg (dzeen dahn) or scrambled egg (tsao dahn) only. There is only one noodle/pasta available there, and that is macaroni.

              A few additional notes for those who don't read Chinese:

              - this place has been around 38+ years
              - one location only, no branches or chains
              - bad and abrupt service, but affordable yet high quality for local unique taste (even if the offerings are on the surface not spectacular). Most Hong Kongers are willing to line up regardless
              - supposed limited menu, not a huge variety like other cha chaan teng's, but again they specialize in whatever they offer and do it well.
              - Eric gives it high marks for being a representative of true Hong Kong "street" taste (so to speak).

        2. FYI, Australia Dairy Company in Parkers Street ( Jordan, Kowloon ) is also next to Mak Man Kee, one of Hong Kong's best Won-Ton noodle institution! As a chowhounder, you can kill two birds with one stone! The braised beef brisket and tendons are to die for too!