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Dec 15, 2008 10:16 AM

El Chato Taco Truck (Olympic and La Brea) not there anymore?

Does anybody know if they have moved locations? I haven't seen them the last 3 times I passed by their usual spot in the last 10 days. Two Thursdays ago when I was coming back home from the Oasis concert no sighting. Then again last Saturday night on the way home from Mozza (I wasn't hungry but sad they weren't there). Finally last night on the way home from the Laker game (coulda used a nice taco dessert). I'm getting very worried and hope they moved somewhere near by. Please let me know if anybody knows of their whereabouts.

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  1. I am quite sure I saw it there in the last few weeks -- in fact it may have been on the way to the Oasis concert. Maybe they changed hours.

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    1. re: Ciao Bob

      Ok I'll give them another try. I've been passing at different times, 9:30pm yesterday, around 11:30 night of the Oasis concert and 10:30 the other night. They're usually setting up shop 15 to 20 minutes before 8pm. If anybody finds them please give us the whereabouts and time. Maybe they can start a twitter like the Kogi truck.

      1. re: js76wisco

        I go to that truck a lot. They've told me they are there Monday through Saturday. They set up some time after 7:30 (they come in from Rosemead, so depends on traffic, etc.). They stay until about 1am, but they usually stay longer on Friday/Saturday (up to about 2 or 3am). Their old truck gave out a few months back so they were missing for a couple of days, but that was a while back. They weren't there tonight, but I'm sure it was the weather (rainy and cold). They have been pretty consistent as far as my experience.

    2. I saw them tonight (that is, 15 minutes ago, around 8.45 PM) when I drove by. They looked busy as usual (and I regretted being without my wallet, otherwise I would have stopped).

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      1. re: bad nono

        Whew. Good to know. This is my favorite taco spot.

        1. re: bad nono

          Thanks for checking. I must have caught them on some off or cold nights.

          1. re: js76wisco

            I think they don't show up on rainy days, and I suspect they leave early on nights when business isn't that brisk

        2. i went there once a couple months ago and didn't think it was very good. maybe i'll give it another shot, there isn't too much in the way of mexican food near the pico/robertson area.

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          1. re: ceviche

            Hmm....from reading some of your other postings "ceviche," you sound like more of a connoisseur than myself who as one fellow I used to work with called himself a "kind of a sewer." I do hit the El Chato truck primarily for tacos and their quesadillas. I've had their burritos a couple of times some time back and I wasn't so crazy about the few I ate (the ratio of rice/beans versus meat wasn't to my liking). I do like the Beto's truck on Jefferson between LaBrea and LaCienega, but it's only there from 6 to 11, 7 days a week. Another possibility is the Tacos Don Jorge shop a couple of blocks west of LaCienega on Venice.
            They are open from (I think) 11am to 1am, 7 days a week. There is a taco truck that I see at nights (sometimes) on Venice about half a block west of LaCienega. Not familiar enough with that one though. The Beto's truck has 3 salsa and some condiments available by the truck. El Chato and Tacos Don Jorge fix up your taco and give it to you (although you can ask for some mods, I'm sure). Seeing some dude pick out some radish slices floating in the water at the Beto's truck was kind of a turn off though. The lateness of the El Chato truck and seeing as I pass by it on my way home from hearing music at a couple of my favorite hang outs (plus I like their food) makes it pretty much my most common stop for a bite place.

            1. re: Feed_me

              feed_me, i took your advice on their quesadillas (got one with carne asada) and also tried their cabeza taco. i must admit, i liked this truck a lot better the second time!

              the quesadilla had lots of meat, and the taco (while a little small, but at $1/each all is forgiven) was very good.

              i will definitely be going back here!!!