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Dec 15, 2008 10:12 AM

Ci Vediamo Closed?

Just drove past this weekend and looked like it had a chain and lock on it. Called the phone number and number is out of service? Anyone know what happened? Great location but definitely hit and miss on the food that I have had in the past.

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  1. nah, I don't think they are. They recently changed owners, got a new chef in and have been working incredibly hard to start producing everything in house - instead of sourcing premade pasta, bread and dessert.

    I'm going to make a few phone calls to Helen - also the owner of Quigley's and see what I can find out.

    Ci Vediamo's isn't the best Italian restaurant but I give them points for trying hard.

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      The change in ownership is good news - last time we went it was pretty bad, and dirty too with crummy service.

      I'm looking foward to it getting back to where it was a few years ago.

      1. re: geoprincess

        Agreed. Years ago I used to go on a fairly regular basis but it had really slipped so I haven't been in well over a year. Our last meal there was quite bad. Let's hope they turn it around - the neighbourhood could use it!

      2. re: sweatersister

        That is great if you can find out and repost the response....I attended a private party that they hosted and they put together a lovely night. Can't wait to try the re-invented if this is the case as we are sadly lacking for options in the Beach.

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          Okay, this is what I know so far on Ci Vediamo.

          The new owners are Helen and Michael Illiodromitis - who also own Quigley's.

          They hired chef Ravi Ganesh (former head chef of Yorkville's Vaticano, Grappa Ristorante and Sauvignon. He is South Asian but he specializes in Italian cuisine.

          Ganesh is there to reinvigorate the menu by ensuring everything is made in house. Everything. Fresh bread, pasta, etc.

          I haven't eaten there while Ganesh was in the kitchen, so I can't tell you anything about his cooking style... but he apparently has one dish that is a combination of curry leave, cilantro, paneer cheese, vegetables and sundried tomatoes in a creamy coconut sauce.

          Not entirely Italian but it is a bold step forward. From outsourced pasta, breads and tiramisu using tinned cream to all in house.

          I tried to reach Helen - no one is answering at Quigley's or at Ci Vediamo at the moment.... However, one of my sources did tell me that they purchased a feature placement on dine.to in the new year so I highly doubt that they would make that investment if they had closed shop.

          1. re: sweatersister

            Thanks for the note and the scoop! I will definitely try it out in the new year. I had not been going as the last time we did not have a great meal. But this sounds totally great! I am anxious to try it.

            1. re: T42

              Still closed. A waste of a good location. Thought I saw a real estate sign on door as I drove past Sunday.

              1. re: Poorboy

                It has been on the market for months now and was recently listed under Power of Sale for $870,000.


      3. Walked by there on Friday night -- it was open -- has anyone been?